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Evolving Your 3 Word Rebellion with Rachel Alexandria

After receiving many messages through signs and psychics, Rachel Alexandria began her journey to understand and integrate her calling as an energy healer and intuitive in 2006. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of clients as a therapist and now as a Leadership and Power Guide. Via Spirit’s guidance, she has innovated dozens of programs as an entrepreneur, including a video series combining tapping and the Enneagram, a series of guided meditations, a best-selling book about preparing for interpersonal conflict and a book of illustrations about how to work with consciousness.

Join Rachel and me today as we discuss the evolution of your 3 Word Rebellion as well as one of her most popular programs, The Adulting Revolution.

Tune Into the Audio:

Michelle: Welcome back, Rachel, to the Rebel Rising podcast.

Rachel: Thank you, yay. I'm glad to be here.

Michelle: Awesome, so today we're going to talk about your Three Word Rebellion and how it's evolving, but before we get to that,

I wanted to ask you why did you decide that your business needed a Three Word Rebellion?

Rachel: Oh, wow. It's a great question. You know, I've known you and I've followed you for a long time, and so I get the benefit of really seeing how your clients evolve, and I knew that my messaging was not reaching people as well as I wanted it to.

What I do is very complicated, so I needed to find a way to talk about it that was going to make sense to people. 

I've been in business for 12 years now, and I would say the ways I have tried to describe what I do have changed every two to three months or something like that, and my mom is always, “So how do I say what you do again?” Even my mom couldn't figure out how to talk about what I do, so I was, “Michelle, please help me. I know you have a magic formula. Let's do this thing.”

Michelle: Well, and I think that's a good point because there are so many people who are doing really unique work, they have a unique approach, and whenever you're doing something super cool and super unique, it's a struggle to tell other people what you do in a way that they get.

Rachel: Yeah. I mean, if you're a dentist, you just say, “Hey, I'm a dentist.” It's not that complicated. You don't have to be like, “Well, so I have people who have special tools to clean the teeth because you need a special kind of cleaning that's different than toothbrushing, and then also I like actually inspect your individual molars and things.” If no one had heard of dentistry, you were the first one to make that up, you'd have to do all this time explaining it. Because it's super common, you don't.

Michelle: Yes.

Rachel: But what I do is not super common. It resembles other common things, but it is not those things.

Michelle: Yeah. So tell us what your Three Word Rebellion was at first.

Rachel: At first what we came up with was the adulting revolution.

Michelle: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Rachel: And I ended up making a product out of that, which was pretty cool.

Michelle: Yeah, so tell us a little bit about what the adulting revolution is all about.

Rachel: The adulting revolution is that I see that people need to … Basically, I'm a former psychotherapist and I shifted gears to become more like a reality mentor and soul medic because I also do energy healing and I'm really into the transformative work, and I like to get my hands dirty and up in my clients' lives.

Michelle: All up in their business.

Rachel: All up in their business, yes, so I'm helping videotape products with them or I'm helping them write copy or I'm helping them organize their home, whatever it is, I'm pretty involved.

It's helping them get through things that could be minor obstacles for some people, but it's those places where they have a hard time adulting, like doing the hard stuff.

Some of us have a hard time paying bills and some of us have an easy time doing it. Some of us have a hard time washing our dishes and others of us have an easy time with it.

Adulting areas that stymie you are the places where once you get all of that put together, your life really starts to transform.

But it's more than that because it's also adulting with your emotional intelligence and stepping up into a peer relationship energetically with your parents, you no longer see yourself as their child, and therefore subject to their judgments and their desires, that kind of stuff. It's multifaceted.

Michelle: Yeah, but at the end of the day, I really see you as almost like a concierge, but a bossy concierge for adulting that kicks your butt because what you excel is like, “Yes, let's remove the blocks. Let's do the hard stuff, but let me kick you in the butt if you're not doing it so that I can be here for you.”

Rachel: Yeah. For some people, I'm a deep nurturer, and for some people, I'm a butt kicker. One of my friends, all her friends refer to her as a love bully, and sometimes I play that role for people, which I think is adorable, so yeah. It's not letting people get away with the excuses they tell themselves.

Above all else, I don't let my clients lie to themselves.

If you want to take a day off because you're tired or you just don't feel up to it today, that's fine. Be honest about that, but if you're just like, “It's hard and I'm scared, but I don't want to admit that I'm scared and I'm not talking about it now,” we're going to talk about it.

Michelle: So good, so good. You have this, and every time you work with a client, it's a little bit different. Some days you don't know what you're walking into, so you take a very customized approach, and it's like yes, there's the energy work, there's the accountability, there's almost like a little coaching and psychotherapy in there as well to get them to adults.

Rachel: Yes. There's definitely emotional intelligence where there are therapeutic-type processes to help people heal and understand their inner children and love on them, and there's let's get clear on these goals and help you move forward, and then there's what my clients refer to as unicorn sparkles. One of my clients, “I don't know what to do with this. Can you just do some unicorn sparkles here?”

Michelle: I love it. I love it.

Tell me, how did your Three Word Rebellion evolve?

Rachel: It's so funny, so I made this product over the summer because I was in the midst of actually trying to develop this 30-day email campaign, and once we did our messaging work together, I was, “Oh, this is what this is called. This is the adulting revolution, so people can sign up for this,” and then it became a 60-day email campaign, not a campaign but like 60-day email content product. Then I had a period of kind of lying fallow as I do where it's like I do a bunch of work and then I sort of go into, I don't know, the little inner cave and do other things, and don't think a ton about creating or producing for my business. I just serve my clients.

Rachel: As I was coming back out again, I was like, “Okay. The election's over, I have a brain again, I'm able to function,” and something more wants to come out of this, and you and I were talking, so it was actually with the great amazing again that this happened. I was talking about how I wanted to help people adult revolutionarily, and what Michelle heard was adult like a revolutionary, and then she fell back in her chair and started fanning herself, clutching her pearls like, “Oh, that's so good.”

Michelle: Yeah, my spidey senses were definitely tingling that day, because I did.

I heard adult like a revolutionary, and I know your clients are on a bigger mission and they are change makers, and they have to get through all of this adulting stuff to actually be the revolutionary.

So in my head, when I heard adult like a revolutionary, I was like, “Oh. Oh my God. That's so good.”

Rachel: And it's so perfect because the adulting revolution, while that was good, it somehow, it was harder to talk about it in an elevator pitch or something like that. I could say I have this product, but, “Hi, I'm Rachel, and I help lead people through the adulting revolution,” “Well, what's that?” It didn't take me as far as I wanted to go. In my mind, the adulting revolution covered this idea of people being change makers that I work with, but I don't think anybody else was getting that. They were hearing, “Okay, this adulting is a revolution,” which it is the way I teach people to adult and evolve as people, as beings, as spirits, personally, politically, in terms of their impact, et cetera.

Rachel: It is a revolution that almost no one else can do with them. You could get that from working with multiple people on different fronts, but I encompass a lot of different fronts, but what they weren't getting was this piece about being change-makers in the world, about leading a revolutionary life and not just from adulting really well.

Rachel: Yeah, I used to talk about working with light bringers and change makers, and what was interesting … So I used to really focus on leadership in my branding, and a lot of the clients that I already had, some of them who I still have.

They are leaders, they did not feel self-identified by that because they were not yet ready to call themselves leaders.

They were, “Well, that's this other person,” which is so funny. I have a client who's a lawyer and is leading, now she's the co-chair on a board raising a ton of money to help disenfranchised people, and she's speaking in front of her entire organization in a way that she never thought she … So all of this was already in here and this is where she was headed, but she at the time didn't see this about herself. Oh my gosh.

Rachel: So adult like a revolutionary, what I like is that it contains the idea of the process.

Maybe you're not revolutionary now, you don't see yourself that way now, but you will. That's where you're headed.

Michelle: Yes, and two observations.

I think a lot of people struggle with identifying as a leader.

We feel like a leader is, they lead a Fortune 500 company, so it's like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates or something, or they're a Brene Brown type, they think that's a leader, and they think, “Oh, but no, how could I possibly be a leader? I don't have what they have,” and it's, “No, you are a leader,” so I feel like that's where revolutionary, I'm like oh, but there is this drive to change and they're probably more willing to identify with the revolutionary than being a leader, even though those are kind of the same thing.

Rachel: Yeah, people see leaders, and I think they see something that's established, and they don't realize this person became a leader by being a rebel.

Michelle: Yeah, exactly.

Rachel: So that's why it's revolutionary. Han Solo is just some punk kid until he hooked up with the Rebellion. Ray was just some, I don't know, junk harvester.

People become leaders because by stepping into a revolution, and it's revolutionary in their personal life, but they are also creating a revolution by the waves that they make.

Michelle: Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah, and it just feels so much more expansive, like it can encompass all of the work that you do for people, but it just feels bigger than you or your clients, which is what I love about adult like a revolutionary.

Rachel: Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah. Yeah, somehow the adulting revolution … I think the other problem with that that's different than adult like a revolutionary, I had to lead the adulting revolution, and the truth is each of my clients is leading their own thing. I can teach you my ways, my ways. I can teach you the secrets of the universe, but you will take those and you will be on your own trajectory.

I'm not leading a rebellion. I'm not leading a revolution. You're leading your revolution.

I'm helping you adult into it. I'm showing you revolutionary ways to go the way that you're going.

Michelle: Mm-hmm (affirmative), absolutely.

Rachel: So it's not a movement. Yes, my process is that movement, but each of you has your own.

Michelle: Yes. Love it. Love it. One final question for you.

What's next for your business and your Three Word Rebellion. Where are you going?

Rachel: Yeah, so I got the message not too long after we had that conversation, and I took on this new Three Word Rebellion, but it's time for me to distill everything that I do with my individual clients into some kind of program or process. For years, people have said, “Hey, Rachel, you should start a program,” and I didn't know what it was, and I'm just that kind of person.

Until the soul compulsion is there, I'm not going to do a thing just for the sake of doing it.

But it started to show up like, okay there's actually a lot of pieces I have to teach. I know a lot of processes. I have a lot of different pieces of wisdom, and somehow I need to distill them.

Rachel: It's feels very alchemical. I'm not creating something from scratch like I have done with some other ideas that I've had. I'm actually listening to the droplets, the droplets of wisdom that I have and that I say from time to time to clients. I'm starting to record all of that, and then as I have that material, I will see what kind of bigger picture of categories and process they make, and then it will become something that I teach people and maybe within a year or two start certifying people in adulting like a revolutionary.

Michelle: Yeah. Oh, that's amazing.

I think the big observation I have about your evolution is that number one, it's okay to evolve.

So, if you're listening to this and you're, “Oh, I'm afraid to be pigeon-holed,” it's, “No, you can evolve your Three Word Rebellion,” and sometimes the evolution is just a tiny little tweak, but the other thing is that the adulting revolution felt so finite, like you just finish, whereas this feels like it is an ongoing evolution, and it's so much bigger, and I love the fact that you're, “Okay, now that I have this and I know, I want to formalize my process,” because you can't work with everyone one-on-one to do this.

Rachel: No, and it feels like … yeah. I used to feel … People would say, “Oh, you should train people,” and blah, blah, blah, and I'm, “I don't know how to teach people how to be me. That doesn't make any sense.” What I do is such an amalgam of so many things, and my unique spirit and everything, but yeah. A friend wanted some advice the other day, and I gave her a bit, and then I heard some things that other people had said to her, and I was, “Oh, I had pieces like that too. I could have shared more,” and I think that's the real impetus now is I can share more. There is more, and I don't need to wait for the catalyst of a client's question in order to source that wisdom. Let me starting sourcing all of it.

Rachel: Yeah, it feels like a mining process. I don't need to wait for an earthquake for a diamond to pop out of me. I can actually go in and start a process to take all of this out, and also more people can benefit from this without having to do one-on-one work necessarily, and more people can take this if they do a certification process with me, and add it to their therapy or coaching or healing, and be able to have a broader spiritual, psychologically grounded methodology of some kind. I don't know what it's going to look like yet.

Michelle: But you're in the process.

Rachel: Yes, exactly.

Michelle: Well, let everyone know where they can find you online.

Rachel: Okay, you can find me at 

Michelle: Yes, and I would also say follow her on Facebook because she's always dropping some wisdom on Facebook.

Rachel: I am, so that's at Rachel Rose Alexandria.

Michelle: Awesome. Thank you so much, Rachel, for coming back to the Rebel Rising podcast and showing us how your Three Word Rebellion is evolving.

Rachel: Thank you so much for having me. It's a pleasure.

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