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Why Nailing Your Message Has the Power to Change Your Business

If you've listened to almost any of my other podcast episodes or visited my website, then you know messaging is important to me. Today I'm talking about the power of nailing your message and how it can transform your business.

In my newest solo episode, I'm going to share three reasons why nailing your message is worth the work and the effort and the time and how it can change everything in your business. Listen to the end for a few action steps that you can take today, as well as one of my favorite business mantras.

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Hey rebels, I've got a serious question for you. Have you ever suffered from message envy?

You know that feeling when you read a blog post or you land on a website and you look around and think, “oh my God, that is so good. I wish I would have written that myself. I wish I could come up with a message that good.”

That my friend is message envy and when I first started my business seven years ago, I had message envy big time.

I had messaged envy because I discovered Ashley Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project.

When I first discovered Ash, she blew my mind. She had such a clear viewpoint. Her writing was so dynamic and filled with her personality.

I loved that she called her business The Middle Finger Project because immediately you knew if you were in or if you were out.

And for me, I craved to have a message that was that unique that had such a strong viewpoint and honestly a message that separated me from all the competition.

Ash Ambirge got her start as a copywriter.

And guess what, since no one else had her point of view or The Middle Finger Project, she was able to sell out her services.

But here's the deal, you and I, we don't have to be envious of other people's messages. We can and should work on our message until it feels like our own. Because once I found the 3 Word Rebellion or that message found me, my business completely changed.

So I want to share with you the three reasons why nailing your message is worth the work, the effort and the time and how it can change everything in your business.

Your Message Works for Your Business 24/7

Reason number one, your message works for your business 24/7. It is your best salesperson.

It never needs a day off, won't ever ask you for vacation and will always be there when people find you.

What people read on your website or on social media or what you're saying in a podcast that has the power to attract people to your business.

It's why they stick around when someone lands on your website at 11:11 PM on a Sunday night. Your message is why they stick around and click around. Your message is why you end up getting on podcasts or getting the speaking gig.

Your message is always, always working for you.

What I want you to do is look at your home page right now while you're listening to this podcast, unless you're driving. And think about how well is your message working for you on your website?

Does it represent the work you're doing? Is it curiosity provoking? Does it make people want to stay and click around? Is it compelling? Do people know if you are talking to them or not?

Because that website of yours is your home base and you want to make sure it is working for your business and that is why your message and nailing that can really change things for your business.

Your Message Sets You Apart from the Competition

The second reason why it is worth it to work on your message is that it has the ability to set you apart from the competition.

You've heard the idea that there are no new ideas and I believe in that 100%. Even if you think about some of the most innovative inventions of our time, they were simply the product of combining two ideas of that already existed.

So let's take Steve Jobs. The iPhone pretty much he revolutionized how we communicate and the iPhone simply came from the idea of looking at two different devices or looking at his mobile and looking at his iPod and thinking, “Hey, I wonder if I could merge these two together?”

So what does that mean for you? If there are no original ideas, how can you position yourself to be different from all the other service providers or product creators of that are out there?

The way to do this is to realize that there are a million ways to communicate an idea.

How you talk about what you do, the results you get for your clients, your 3 Word Rebellion, the process you take people through when they work with you, or even the process you take people through who don't even work with you but can still get a transformation. That is what sets you apart.

So in my case, there are so many people who do brand messaging. There are people out there who will interview you for 60 minutes and then return with a document that gives you your unique selling proposition, your one line elevator pitch, the story of your business and your messaging pillars.

However, there is only one person who can help you find your 3 Word Rebellion and the way that I do it is different. It is co-creative. It is collaborative.

I don't believe in interviewing people and then handing them a message. I want a message to come from you. I am merely a Doula of that process.

So that's the power of your message. It can eliminate your competition.

It can make people say, “Hey, I want you because of the way you work with people and the unique result you get.”

It creates you as the only one who offers what you do.

Your action step for this: It's time to get brutally honest. When you think about yourself and you think about your competitors, or even if you don't like thinking, you have competitors, you think about them as colleagues

How different are you and why are you different?

If you can't articulate why you're different, how you do your work differently or what sets you apart, it's time to work more on that message.

When you know what makes you different, it is so much easier to have sales conversations, to get people to raise their hand and say yes to working for you.

Your Message is NEEDED by Other People

Now, the third and final reason that you should spend time working on your message isn't really about you or your business.

It's because your message matters and your message matters to the people who need you and the people who need the difference that you make in the world.

Have you ever had that experience where you share on social media or in a blog post what you think would be a highly unpopular truth? Like you feel like you're putting yourself out on a limb. “Oh, I'm going to get some haters for saying this, but this is what I believe, and when you put that idea out there, all of the sudden you get a flood of responses that say, “Thank you for saying what you said. Thank you for expressing that viewpoint.”

Because if you are having that thought, other people are probably thinking that same thing too. But they're not brave enough to say it.

When you say that unpopular truth, you are creating a place of belonging for people. You are creating a message that matters to people and you are positioning yourself as a thought leader.

And people are going to come to talk to you, interact with you, and know your ideas because they need your message because no one else is standing up to the status quo. No one else is saying, “Hey, things should be different!”

Another great example is my friend and client, Michelle Evans, and she is the host of the Marketing Funnel Show. Recently she shared a super raw podcast about all the things that happened in her life over the past year.

She had close relatives die, close friends pass away. Someone robbed her house.

And most of these things would cause our businesses to come to a screaming halt. Michelle's didn't because she had her marketing system in place. She had her funnel. It worked. She was still getting clients and what people loved about this episode is how she was the real deal.

She got a huge response because she was transparent. She was raw and she was not Instagram perfect.

She was also showing people that, hey, when life happens, if you set up your business up to work for you, then your business can still provide for you while you take care of the ones that you hold near and dear.

People needed to hear her message.

Just like people need your message. They need the results that your business gets for them. They want you to be the truth teller, the person who calls out what is wrong and attempts to right it.

People need your message and the impact that that message can have on them because they want a place where they belong, where other people are like that. Your people need you and your work deserves an audience.

And if you ever feel like you're not enough or you wonder why people choose the popular kids over you, or you find yourself saying, “well, I'm just a social media manager. I'm just a speaker,” or you feel like you need more degrees or certifications before you go big with your message.

I want you to use this mantra to snap yourself out of it.

“My work deserves an audience. May the right people discover it.”

So whenever you have any doubt about the impact of your work in the world, just say, my work deserves an audience. May the right people discover it.

If it's time for you to nail that message so that it works for your business. 24/7, sets you apart from the competition and lets people know about your message and the transformation they can get from it, then you and I should talk about doing that together. I would love to help you with the 3 Word Rebellion process. So just go to, and let's talk about how I can help you with your 3 Word Rebellion and all the messaging that will make your business work.

Next week on Tuesday, February 26th, right on this very podcast, I have a very special announcement about the 3 Word Rebellion book.

Yes, I wrote another book. It's my third book, and I can't wait for you to have this book in your hands because I know it is going to be powerful for you to find that message.

So look for that next week!

Until next time, your message has the power to change your business. It has the power to change other people's lives. It deserves an audience. It deserves to be heard. And remember, your people are waiting to hear it.

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