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The 3-Step Customer Journey Builder to Lead More Prospects to Yes

Once you've got your right-fit clients' attention, you need to build out a customer journey to keep that attentionYou've done the writing prompts in the 3 Word Rebellion book (and if you haven't you should grab yourself a copy of the book.)

You've completed the analysis and Eureka! You think you have found it, the 3 Word Rebellion that you want to lead within your business and grow your movement around.

You may be asking yourself, “Now what, Michelle, I've got these three words. I am excited to share them, but how do I start talking about this and how do I start talking about this on a consistent basis?”

Once you've got your 3 Word Rebellion nailed down, it's time to take the next step and create your audience or customer journey so that they say yes to your 3 Word Rebellion. They say yes to being a part of your movement and they say yes to what you've got to offer.

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Your 3 Word Rebellion is that initial piece of messaging that opens people's hearts and minds and that 3 Word Rebellion can even open doors.

But knowing how to talk about it so that people want to become the messengers of your message is what needs to happen next. And this is where creating the audience journey comes in and this is the place where you move strangers into fanatics and Luke warm folks into clients who love the work that you do.

Before we dive in if you're thinking Michelle, what the heck is this 3 Word Rebellion thing? I'm so glad that you asked your 3 Word Rebellion is a one of a kind message that encapsulates the change you want to create for your audience. And that message is what helps grow your business. And you can find out all about the 3 Word Rebellion and get all of the writing prompts and figure out how to do the analysis to find your own 3 Word Rebellion by going over to Amazon or wherever books are sold and picking up a copy of the 3 Word Rebellion book because when you have that message, that message that you're going to share every single day, it's now time to think about how to get people to yes.

Step One: Your Customer Journey Builder Moves People Past Their Resistance.

When I work with clients one on one, I don't start them off with the 3 Word Rebellion and I know that's probably what you think I do. I actually start them with an audience deep dive that produces a messaging values map, which is basically an in-depth understanding of your audiences, motivations, and resistance to acting on your 3 Word Rebellion.

While I am always interested in an audience or customers demographics, their psychographics, their challenges and pain points, what I really want to know is why do people resist the change you want to create? What blocks them from taking action? What's good about their status quo that they don't want to let go of?

Because when you and I know that, we've found the beginning of the audience journey, we can make a connection. We can say to them, “Hey, I understand where you are and why this might be a scary next step for you.” And that is where we can begin the conversation.

Because once that resistance is identified and typically there are multiple layers of resistance that you need to move people through, you can confront it head-on and create messages that deal with it. And once you deal with the resistance, you can move to step number two.

Step 2: The Marketing Customer Journey Needs to Focus on How Your Business Achieves a Result

This is where you let people know how you get that transformation that your 3 Word Rebellion promises. And to me, this is where your model, your methodology or your manifesto comes in.

Now I'm planning to do a more in-depth episode on models, methodologies, and manifestos because it is so important because this is how you communicate to your people in their own language about what you do.

This is what gets people excited versus overwhelmed and confused.

I'm sure you've had this conversation where you've been on the phone with an expert before and they just give you all of this overwhelming information about how they do what they do. And you're like, I don't get it. And this is where we simplify that.

For instance, the 3 Word Rebellion is actually a model that I've created and that model is shaped like a diamond. And at the top point of the diamonds sits your 3 Word Rebellion. To the left is the audience journey, which we're talking about right now to the right is your signature stories. And then at the very bottom tip of that diamond is what I call messaging domination or how to launch this create an inciting incident where you are sharing your message consistently.

This model just shows what I do without confusing people.

It makes it clear and people want to know if they are going to be trusting you where they're going, how do you create change? And the more that you can simplify that, the better off you are.

Step 3: Focus Your Client Journey on The Results Your Work Creates 

This is where you tell people what is possible once they've gone through that transformative process that you've explained and the results of stops one and two.

Give a reason for people to believe in the change because you create the results. Give people something to talk about. The results.

Give people something to understand, hang their hat on. It makes your work concrete and so when you're brainstorming around this stop, you want to go in depth.

No result is too big or too small and it should be included in your messaging work.

Show us what is possible for you, for your clients, for people who interact with your work. I use this material all the time.

When I'm on podcast episodes, people ask me what has changed since I've found my 3 Word Rebellion. Well, I have a waiting list of clients, you know, that's awesome. I get offered to be on podcast interviews weekly, if not more often. People want me to speak on their stage.

I also can talk about the results my clients get, which are similar.

They're all growing their business because they have this messaging nailed and even the people who interact with my work who bought the book.

One person even told me she created 57 pieces of content from the book, which is amazing and you can talk about what is possible for people when they say yes.

Finally, you should be warned that when you create this audience journey, you will create a ton of content ideas for sharing on social media and in your podcasts and in your blogs and everywhere you want to be marketing your business.

But not only that, it creates a systematic way to guide people from being strangers into being your new clients or guides them to be excited about your message so that they become advocates for it.

And if you're ready to work with me on your 3 Word Rebellion and creating that customer journey so that your client roster fills up podcast, podcast interviews are coming to you and speaking opportunities land in your inbox, then you can head over to my website to book a free strategy session with me to see if working together is the next right step for you.

Your 3 Word Rebellion is the starting point of your message alone. It is not enough to get the momentum you desire for your business.

Creating that audience journey that gets people to yes is the next step. So you're sharing your message consistently until everyone starts sharing your message for you.

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