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The Brené Brown Case Study: The Curious of Case of Why Consistency Works

Hey rebels, did you happen to catch the Brené Brown Netflix special, The Call to Courage?

I watched it the day it came out. It was phenomenal and I highly recommend it because you are doing the work of showing up, of being the champion of your message, your work, and the difference you want to make in the world and this Netflix special will help guide you in that process.

And I'll admit I am a total Brené Brown fanatic. I've read all of her books. Dare to Lead was my most favorite and Dare to Lead is a mighty fine 3 Word Rebellion as well.

But do you know what really stood out to me about Brené Brown's Netflix special? It wasn't how incredibly engaging she was for 90 minutes or what an amazing storyteller she is or how she always motivates me to step into the arena.

What really stood out to me is how I had heard everything in this special before.

I've heard the Teddy Roosevelt story before and the lake story before. I've heard that the definitions of shame and vulnerability, I have heard it all before and I watched it anyway. Incredible, right?

Why do I keep tuning in and buying the books when I have heard it all before?

Well, that's exactly what we're going to talk about in this episode of The Rebel Rising Podcast. We are going to talk about the power of consistency and why Brené Brown is a shining example of that and what it can do for your business and the impact that you want to make.

Tune into the audio:

When I tell potential clients for the 3 Word Rebellion messaging intensive that my goal is to create their messaging for the next three to five years or beyond in their business most people are relieved that they'll finally know what they can say every single day and others struggle with that idea. They say, won't that get boring for my audience and won't that get boring for me? And what if my message evolves and what if I just want to be spontaneous and talk about whatever I want to talk about that day?

All of these objections are around being radically consistent with your message.

And I get it. Playing the hits might get boring for you. How many times has Duran Duran played Rio in concert? Millions. They must be so bored of it by now. But the fans, the fans never get sick of it. And your fans and Berné's fans won't get sick of it either.

Because I know that most audiences aren't paying attention to every single word you say. So they've probably missed some of your brilliant messaging so they can't get bored of it.

They'll always learn from it.

And the cool thing is that your audience journey can be flexible enough to evolve with you.

Now I have a pretty set social media strategy and on Wednesdays on Instagram stories, I do 3 Word Rebellions in the wild.

Where I find a 3 Word Rebellion in business and I break it down for what works, what doesn't work so that you can get inspiration to find your own.

Recently I had this idea that I was freakishly excited about to do 3 Word Rebellions in the wild, the political addition, where I would take the campaign slogans of the gazillion candidates running for president and breakdown what works and what doesn't work.

I didn't plan this in my original strategy, but it was a great extension of what I was always already doing.

It allowed me to evolve and go deeper into my work.

And by the way, if you want to see those stories on Wednesday, you can follow me on Instagram at drmichellemazur. Consistency is important for your business and the impact you want to make for multiple reasons.

The first reason is consistency makes it easier for your audience to remember your message.

The more we hear you repeat the same message, the more your audience is able to retain.

Every time I hear Brené Brown speak or I read her book, I retain something new and when you and I are able to retain more of a message, guess what? We're going to talk about it.

So the more consistent you are, the more your audience will remember your message and then they can become the messengers of that message.

The second reason consistency is important is that it prevents confusion.

When your message is always a moving target, people get confused about what you do and what you stand for and imagine if one-day Brené Brown was talking about shame and the next day she's talking about carburetor repair.

We'd be like, what the hell? Brené this doesn't make any sense for what you do. And it would make us mistrust her like what is going on with her right now?

I see business owners sabotaging themselves all the time by doing this. One week they're all about the law of attraction coaching. Then the next week they are coaching graphic designers and then the week after that they're doing something else completely different and it's like, what are you do weighing like who are you? What do you stay on for? I'm so confused.

When you are consistent, people will not be confused about what you do, who you, who you're for or how you do it.

The third big reason to be consistent is that it breeds trust. Your audience always knows what to expect from you.

If I'm going to watch a Brené Brown speech on Youtube, I know what I can expect and I trust her to deliver it and people get to know you through your consistency. So it breeds trust, which is always important, the whole know, like, and trust factor, right?

So consistency makes you more trustful. Your audience always knows what you're about and what you're going to get.

The fourth big reason consistency is important is that it makes it easier for you to show up with your message on a regular basis.

So for example, for me on a Monday, I take an hour to batch out a week's worth of social media content. The first thing I do is open my message strategy guide to figure out what I'm sharing and who am I talking to that week? Am I talking to the true believers of the 3 Word Rebellion? Am I talking to the people who don't even know that they have a problem with their messaging yet? Who am I talking to?

Then I can create my content for that week. And for me, I have daily themes. Wednesdays is 3 Word Rebellions in the wild, Tuesdays are podcast promotion, Mondays are messaging, quick tips. So I'm able to create content easily and quickly because I already know what I'm going to talk about for the week.

And the final reason consistency is so important is because your stories can become your audience's stories.

Every single story Brené Brown tells I can see myself in, she has made it so that I am in her stories. And not only that, I can re-tell her stories and talk about how her stories relate to my experience.

When we can see ourselves in another person's story, that is how we have an emotional connection and that is powerful.

And the best part of this talking about know, like, and trust factor, it makes me feel like I know her. Like I have met her like I am having coffee with a good friend. My challenge to you is to be Brené Brown consistent with your message.

There is literally no downside to creating a messaging strategy that you can use for the next three to five years in your business. Hit me up if you want to chat about how I can help you create that with your 3 Word Rebellion. Set up a time to chat here and remember, consistency helps you get known.

Consistency breeds momentum and helps others be the messenger of your message.

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