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How Bro Marketing Triggers Fraudy Feelings

Hey, hey rebels. Today on the show we're talking about yet another negative outcome of Dude Bro Marketing– that we are led to believe small results don't matter. Not only is this not good for our mental health, but it also is not good for our business. It's time to reframe this thinking because small results are amazing and they lead to bigger results.

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Have you ever found yourself having insomnia and watching late-night infomercials as I have? One thing that I have always noticed is that for the weight loss, the diet products, the exercise products, they showcase a before and after and there's usually a big asterisk next to it that says results not typical and there's a reason for that. The diet exercise industry is heavily regulated and they cannot make blanket result claims.

Why I wanted to talk about this is because I feel like much of the marketing I see online, especially during big launches for courses or for masterminds, the results that they're presenting in the testimonial I feel should have that disclaimer as well. Results, not typical, especially when the result is about going from zero to six figures in three months or a webinar template making you millions and millions of dollars.

And outside of the fact that these types of big results claims are some of the worst kind of Dude Bro Marketing because it presents the course or program or mastermind as this panacea, as this magic bullet that it's the one thing that will change everything in your business. And when you're at in a spot and when you're in a headspace of I've got to make this business work, we so desperately want to believe that, but it's not only harmful to see these big results promises when we're a consumer.

It can also play with our heads mentally.

These types of testimonials, case studies and result claims actually make us question the results we get for our clients in our own work. And I have the opportunity to talk to so many different business owners who aren't interested in the 3 Word Rebellion. And one of the questions I ask on discovery calls is, you know, what results do you get for your clients?

And these are women and men who care deeply about the results their clients get. They care deeply about their success, but they doubt the results their work produces. And I always get clients saying things on discovery calls like, oh well, you know, you know the results. They're not that much, or I don't really get big results or my results aren't really attached to any monetary number. And after all of the disclaimers, they then tell me something amazing about the work they do, how their client went out and did something because of their work, how their clients feel more confident or at peace because of the work. And so many times they discount it because the result isn't big enough.

But I am going to tell you today on the show that it is time that we reframe it because small results are amazing. They're magical. Those small results are what lead to bigger results for our clients.

And I suffered from this misperception as well, especially early on in my business. I felt like if I couldn't tie what I was doing directly to money, no one would ever buy it because people think they're not worth it. Recently Erica Lyremark invited me on her podcast, Set the Trend, and she voxed me and asked me for the results that I get for clients and I found myself doing the exact same thing. Oh well you know, this is a long term strategy so my clients don't have really big results. And then I went onto list about how they got two new clients or they quadrupled the number of podcasts downloads and I was just rolling off all of these results.

I mean some of them were just like, they felt more confident and those results matter.

So when you are in a business of transformation like I am, like you most likely are, you have to remember that these small results are magical and we shouldn't judge them as not being enough.

Because when we do that, we judge our work as not enough. We can even judge ourselves as not enough. And when that happens, we let the Bros win. Because Dude Bro Marketing has the capability of triggering our Imposter Complex, in doubting our capacity in making us feel like we should be doing all of these things. And it makes us feel like a fraud. Like we're not doing enough. We don't know enough. Our work isn't enough and we aren't enough. And when you see the big results, you think, oh man, I must suck, like really suck because my clients don't get those kinds of results.

But you are enough. And those results your clients are working on are likely a year or years in the making.

So don't let someone else's marketing make you feel less than. It doesn't matter if your clients made seven figures overnight or not.

And the big reason for this is that I believe that transformative results are long term results. I often joke with people that when they do the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive with me, that I can't promise that the first time they share it on Facebook live it's going to go viral and they'll get a million views or that as soon as they share it, Ted is going to call and be like, we want you on our stage, or Oprah is going to invite you on Super Soul Sunday because that's not how this work works. It is a long term strategy. But as I've mentioned before, I do see my clients get some short term wins, whether it's being easier to attract and land clients you love to work with or it's the confidence to show up every single day with your message, a willingness to put yourself out there and pitch yourself for speaking gigs and podcasts, interviews, or even if it just revives your love for your business and your joy in your business.

All of those are results and those small results matter.

So if you're doing any kind of coaching or consulting, remember that these small results are the building blocks, because let's face it, results never are typical in the work that you and I do and we have to keep in mind that what our clients' vision of successes, it's different for everyone.

Some of our clients don't want a million-dollar business or to be on the Ted stage or whatever else success should be like. So we should be looking for the results that they want. And even though you can give the same advice to all of your clients, you will get different results because they're versions of success.

Finally, one of the things that I do want you to take ownership over is to see how your work with your clients actually helps them.

Because I spent the first few years of my business doing this, my client would land a huge speaking gig and I would just think, oh, that's so great. She did it because of her tenacity. Meanwhile, she would email me and said, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten this gig. Or I had a client who would book two new clients because of our messaging work. And I'd be like, oh, that's so great because she's so lovely and I'm so glad that people want to work with her. And meanwhile, she's like, no, it's because of our work together that I'm able to sell what I do so effectively. Even though I do not believe you are 100% responsible for creating the results for your clients, your work does have an impact on them and it does affect the outcomes that they see in their business and their lives.

So take pride in that and believe them, believe your clients when they tell you how your work has changed them. Because here's the deal. We cannot let the Bro Marketers win, we have to remember that small results are meaningful.

Small results are also worth paying for.

That's another trap that's so easy to fall into and we should celebrate their results and celebrate our work. Because just because your client isn't on Oprah or got seven figures overnight doesn't mean the work isn't worth it. So yeah, keep your impostor complex in check and keep promoting your work.


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