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How to Stop Doubting Yourself Once and For All with a Simple Exercise

Do you ever find yourself doubting yourself? I know I have.

There are many symptoms of self-doubt like perfectionism, procrastination, and so much more.

Self-doubt can hold you back in your business and in life.

Today on the podcast I'm going to share a simple exercise that I use when I feel self-doubt creeping in. This exercise is going to revolutionize the way you think about yourself. It's going to help you stand in your power and start changing your industry.

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Do you ever doubt how good your work is? The moment before you hit publish on something you think, is it really that good?

Maybe I should proofread it one more time because what if I miss something? Maybe I need to add something to it. Ooh, maybe I should send it to my graphic designer and they can make an illustration and that will make it better.

Do you tend to procrastinate with perfectionism and if you think, if you just get it right, then no one will ever find fault in your work?

When really what's going on is you're doubting yourself.

You're sitting there thinking, who am I to do this thing? And listen, I totally get it. I'm right there with you.

I remember when I first started writing the 3 Word Rebellion book, the question that was on a repeat in my mind was, who do you think you are? It's too big for you. You shouldn't be doing this. You're not the person to write this book.

Then I realized that if I was going to put my work out into this world, if I was going to be of service to others, if I was going to shine my light brightly so that other people could shine theirs than I needed to stop that voice in my head.

On today's podcast, I want to share an activity with you that I did during the Future Influential You challenge that I did a few months ago, and this activity was a game-changer for all.

There are so many of you who have been told things your whole entire life like, oh, you shouldn't brag about yourself, don't talk about what you have achieved or you should hide how smart you are because boys don't like smart girls.

That was when I heard all the time growing up are things like you're too bossy, you're loud or whatever your too, you're just not good enough so just cut it out so the world thinks that your enough, so hide who you are.

We hear this message again and again that whatever we have to bring to the table, if it's too good or we're too qualified that we should hide that away because oh man, our about pages shouldn't be about us (I actually released a whole episode on being told that you're too much).

It should actually be about our clients and customers and you know what? Having our about pages be about us and showing why we are credible to do the things that we do actually helps people make decisions.

And the bottom line is if you think about yourself in the future, who has done the thing you most want to do?

You've done the talk, you've published the book, you've been on the bestsellers list, you've done the media appearances, that version of you is not afraid to talk about how amazing you are because people do want to know that you know your stuff.

And frankly, I want to do business with people who know their stuff. I only hire people in my business who actually know what they're doing. Let that sink in because most people want to hire people who know what they're doing. So that's why this activity is so important in helping you get over your own self-doubt.

So we are going to talk about credibility markers and create your, I am the one who knocks statement. This is the statement I want you to use whenever that voice in your head, questions you ask you. Who do you think you are?

So I call this the, I am the one who knocks statement because of the television show Breaking Bad.

If any of you thought to yourself, that sounds like a quote from Breaking Bad, it totally is.

Without spoiling anything, there is a scene in breaking bad where Walter White has fully embraced the evil version of himself, but his wife hasn't quite gotten there yet.

Instead of describing it you can watch it here!

I love the idea of not being evil obviously, but of being the one who knocks on the door of opportunity of saying yes to things!

To saying yes to putting your message out there, to saying yes to asking people to work with you because you are the one who knocks. So how do you create a statement like that where you are fully tapped into your power? So that's where these credibility marker questions come in.

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil or pen or if you're on your phone you can take some notes on your note app.

Here are five questions to ask yourself to find your credibility markers.

Question number one, what's your education training and certifications that make you awesome at what you do?

For me, I have a PhD in communication. I have been in the field for over 25 years working in communication and making people powerhouse communicators. I'm certified in How to Fascinate systems so I know what makes you unique and I can capitalize on that. That is my credibility. Okay, next question.

Number two, what have you created?

So this can be books and podcasts and frameworks and methodologies and blog posts.

What have you create I've created three books and this podcast and so many things I can't name here, I'm constantly creating. 

The third question, where has your work been featured?

So this can be podcasts you've been on stages that you have graced, media outlets you've appeared on. So for me, I've been in Fast Company, I've been in Inc., I've been in Entrepreneur, I've been in over 30 podcasts at this point in time. So where has your work been featured?

Number four. What skills or experience do you have that make you great at what you do?

So these are things that you have cultivated over time. Like for me, I am insatiably curious. I am terrific at seeing patterns and recognizing those patterns and connecting all of the dots. I'm a good listener and we all have skills that you know, we weren't formally trained in but we have amazing experience in and we've cultivated those skills and they make us great at what we do. And that is part of our credibility. So number four is what skills, what skills or experience do you have that make you great at what you do?

And number five, what personality assessments have you taken that reinforce why you are extremely good at what you do?

So these can be personality assessments, like Strengths Finder or the How to Fascinate assessment or the Myers Briggs or any gram.

What personality assessments really show that you have strengths, that it's innate to what to who you are, what you do and how you do it is innate.

Your action step here is to go back and listen to those five questions and create your I am the one who knocks statement and you'll use the script. So the script is simple, does your brain ever ask you who do you think you are?

Mine does. So I thought it was about time that I answered it.

So who do I think I am? Let me tell you, I am the one who… Repeat that three or four times and then at the end say “I am [your name] and I am the one who knocks. And of course, you can change the “I am the one who knocks” into anything that makes you feel your power.

If I was doing this, which I've obviously have done this, my statement reads something like this,

Does your brain ever ask you who do you, you are. Mine does.

So I thought it was about time I answered it. So who do I think I am?

Let me tell you, I am the one who has a Ph.D. in communication who has worked in the field of communication for 25 years and served hundreds of clients.

I am the one who created the 3 Word Rebellion framework and the 3 Word Rebellion messaging intensive, and it's the only framework of its kind that actually helps you craft a one of a kind message based on what you stand for and the vision you want to create for the world.

I am the one who has published three books, recorded over 175 episodes of the Rebel Rising Podcast and has been featured on over 30 podcast episodes. I am Dr. Michelle Mazur and I am the one who knocks!”


Now it's your turn.

Spend five minutes brainstorming your credibility markers. Create your I am the one who knocks statement and now this is your triple dog dare. I want you to share it on social media.

You can share it on your Facebook page. If you share it on Instagram, feel free to tag me (@drmichellemazur). I love reading these. I love sharing them. In my stories.

I love seeing how freaking powerful you are because you are, and I know this, I know you wouldn't be listening to this podcast if you didn't have something rebellious to say if you weren't trying to change the world, your industry, or even one single person for the better because you are the one who knocks and it's time to share with the world why you are uniquely qualified to do what you do.

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