Rebel Uprising Podcast

Introducing the Rebel Uprising Podcast

Does this sound like you….

  • You’re hiding in plain sight
  • You’re on the cutting edge of your industry
  • You do business differently, heck you do life differently
  • Not enough people know about you or your big ideas.

Maybe not enough people have experienced the work you do, or the results you can help them achieve BUT you're ready to help as many people as possible disrupt the status quo and maybe even change the world for the better. More people Need to know about your business.

First of course, the only reason you're hiding in plain sight is that marketing is a mess and a pain in the ass. Bro marketing tactics, one size fits all formulas that promise six figures in six seconds and guru coaches telling you that there's only one way to build a business has kept you stuck and second guessing yourself. 

No wonder you're hiding out. 

But here's the rebel truth: your ideas matter.

You don't need sleazy tactics, over-hyped blueprints, or a guru to be known and paid well for your work. You need a message that stands out and matters to the right people, your people, and a plan for showing up as the rebel that you are, that grows your business and makes a difference in the world.

Enter the Rebel Uprising podcast from your’s truly, Dr. Michelle Mazur.

The Rebel Uprising Podcast is dedicated to helping passionate businesses owners become recognized leaders who make more money and impact in the world by turning their messy, complicated ideas into a thriving thought leadership business.

I'll be your no BS guide in the art of building that business and being seen. Each week I’ll share strategies, tools, and insights on how to turn your complicated ideas into great messaging and solid business structures. 

Most importantly, every episode I'll be doing one thing that no other podcast host does, I‘ll ask you to reflect, think for yourself to think critically about what you hear on this podcast and decide what's right for you and for your business before you act.

The Rebel Uprising Podcasts drops new episodes every Tuesday. First up, we're tackling what the heck is a thought leadership business, anyway? Hint, it has nothing to do with building a massive audience and creating a cours.

To make sure you get every episode of the Rebel Uprising Podcast is delivered to your favorite device, click “subscribe” in your podcast player right now. Then, let me know you're listening by leaving the podcast a rating and review. Finally share the Rebel Uprising Podcast with a rebellious business owner who is ready to make a big difference with their ideas.

See you next Tuesday.

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The 3 Word Rebellion is the key to go from business owner to thought leader.

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