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Is the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive Right for You?

When I talked to my clients about using their message to sell, there's always this pushback around not wanting to be too salesy, too self-promotional. They don't want to email too many times and they don't want to talk too much about the work they do.

Does any of that sound familiar to you? I am sure it does!

I understand, but please keep in mind that you are not your business!

Your business is a living, breathing entity that exists outside of you. The job of your business is to make money and to sell, to bring in revenue.

Lucky for you, I'm on a mission to be a model of how to sell without being salesy, to show that you can talk about your services and still create value and help people.

I often speak about the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive. It is a one-on-one strategy where we create all the messaging your business needs, for its marketing sales and PR efforts. We manage your audience empathy map, your 3 Word Rebellion, your client decision journey, your signature stories, and put it all into a marketing strategy.

Here comes the main question: is the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive right for your kind of business?

In the upcoming Rebel Uprising episode, I am sharing the main characteristics of my right-fit clients who are definitely ready to work with me on the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive.

Just be sure about one thing:

  • When we work, you work with me, I don't have assistant coaches.
  • I do all the analysis.
  • It is me who is running the show.
  • That is who you get! So when I work with someone, there is a lot of personal attention and in-depth conversations.

I'm diving deeper into 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive in today's episode of Rebel Uprising.

Listen in or read through the transcript below:

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When I talked to my clients about using their message to sell, there's always this pushback around not wanting to be too salesy, too self promotional. They don't want to email too many times and they don't want to talk too much about the work they do. Does any of that sound familiar to you? 

Because every time I have this conversation, I think about Nordstrom's. I know it's kind of weird, right? Why am I thinking about Nordstrom's? I'm on Nordstrom's emailing list and that company emails me all the time telling me what's on sale, or ‘’We notice you checked out these shoes and they're back in stock’’. They're always sending me emails selling, and you know what? I am not annoyed. I don't feel they're too promotional. Nor do I read every single email from them that comes into my inbox, but there's an important lesson here. Nordstrom unapologetically sells to me. And I doubt the email team at Nordstrom's is worrying about emailing me too much or being too salesy or too self promotional, because Nordstrom's is a business and the business has a job.

And that job is to make money to bring in revenue. And what you are doing my rebel friend is also a business. And if you need the reminder here it is, you are not your business. Your business is a living, breathing entity that exists outside of you. And the job of your business is to make money and to do that, you need to sell.

And personally, I'm on a mission to be a model of how to sell without being salesy, to show you, you can talk about your services and still create value, still help people. 

Today's episode is for you if you've been wondering if the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive is a good fit for you. But before you turn it off, cause you're like ‘’Nope, I'm not ready to do this work with you, Michelle’’, you might also want to tune in, because I want to model for you how to promote your work. And also if you are wondering like ‘’Hey, is my message really a problem and holding back my business’’, this episode is also for you. So let's dive in. 

Nearly every episode of the rebel uprising podcast you hear me remind you about the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive. It is the official sponsor of this podcast and the messaging intensive is my 90 day, one-on-one, container where we create all the messaging your business needs, for its marketing sales and PR efforts. So we do your audience empathy map, your three word rebellion, your client decision journey, your signature stories, and put it all into a marketing strategy so you know how to launch it. And the goal of the program, to help you powerfully communicate the value your business creates, whether you're talking to one person or a million people. And overall it is a complete messaging strategy and system for your business. And if you've been listening to the podcast for a while, you might be wondering: ‘’Who is the right fit for this work, who is the right fit for this work?’’. And you might also wonder how to know if you're ready for it. So let's dive in and talk about the types of clients I tend to work with, who are the right fit for going deep on their message. 

The first question I'm always asked about the three word rebellion is, is the three word rebellion right for my kind of business. And the answer is most likely yes, because at this point I have worked in almost every industry: attorneys, jims (like brick and mortar gyms and brick and mortar spas), astrologers, speakers, coaches, consultants, marketers, veterinarians, chiropractors, educators, intuitives, healers, non-profits. I've been in a lot of different industries, which satisfies my multi-passionate side of always wanting to be learning. But despite the industry, there are some things that my right fit client has in common.

90% of my clients are delivering some type of service to people and some of its business to consumer, business to entrepreneur, business to business, but there is a service they are delivering. And the other 10% are course creators or have membership programs. So mostly I work with service-based business owners who work one-on-one with people, who do programs or masterminds, but they're typically more high touch, but every once in a while, a couple of great course creators comes in the door. 

The other characteristic is they're all doing something different. So if you are the kind of business owner who has a lot of tools in your toolbox, maybe you're combining a lot of different methodologies, you've taken a lot of certifications and you're combining them together in a unique way that can be really challenging to talk about and sell to another person, or you're on the other extreme, and you're an expert with really deep expertise who's in innovating and disrupting their industry. 

For the most part who isn't a right fit for, this is what I call commodity businesses. So businesses like insurance salespeople or dentists or accountants or pool men or plumbers, like that's not who I'm working with. They're mostly these thought leadership type businesses. And I really feel like those businesses, that are more commodity businesses, are better served, like doing the story brand framework, for instance. Although, I will also say, if you're a commodity business and you're disrupting your industry, then you're a good fit for 3 Word Rebellion. 

My people tend to be creative, smart and intuitive, and the big challenge they're all facing, I don't care what industry they're in, t hey're struggling to talk about it: hat it is, they do how they do it and how it's different in a way that persuades people that makes them want to know more that helps them grow their audience. 

The second characteristic is for the most part, they're pretty much established business owners who have been at this for a while, like two years or so, and have a proven offer that gets results.

So I would say 90% of my clients are already working with clients in one capacity or another. They know who they want to reach. They know who their right fit clients are. They know who they want to repel. And they also know the type of person who gets the best results for their work. So when I ask a client to think about their top three best clients, thet usually easily come to them.

However, there's this other 10% and this 10%, they're typically doing something unique and they're struggling to put it out into the world because they don't know what to say to market and sell it. So they've developed a methodology, they have a program and they're really struggling with how to get it into people's hands.

So for the most part established business owners, but every once in a while, if they're really struggling, if they have a great product that just needs to be in front of more people, then I can work with them as well on that.

The third characteristic is, right now, you tend to rely on word of mouth and referrals. So typically my best clients aren't doing a whole lot of outbound marketing, or they're very, very inconsistent with marketing. They tend to be dabblers, or even if they're doing it consistently, it's not really paying off, but we'll talk about that in a little bit. They're typically meeting people at networking events or in programs they're in and they get a lot of referrals and although the referrals are great, they want a little bit more control over marketing and selling, they want to be more proactive than sitting there waiting for their next client to miraculously find them. And all of them will say to me that they feel like if they could just sit down with everyone who's interested in their work and have a 30 minute conversation, they know that people would buy in and want to work with them, but that is no way to market and sell. They know that they can't sit down with everyone. Nobody has all of that time. So they're really looking to put their flag in the ground, take a stand, being known and recognized for something. 

The fourth characteristic is that they feel like they're holding themselves back from showing up consistently. Marketing is always on their mind and they're beating themselves up for not doing it consistently: ‘’Like I should be showing up more, I should be sharing my work more’’, and it's really not their fault because they don't have the words yet to actually show up and make their efforts effective and efficient. So they're kind of holding themselves back from putting out their work, marketing what they have, because they just don't know what to say. 

The fifth characteristic is they're craving more impact and a bigger body of work. So impact. It's one of those words that we're always throwing around and creating impact is actually probably going on my list of messages that need to drown in the sea of sameness in 2022. But, I think impact, like, we all want to have impact with our work, but we need to define what that means. And for my clients, if you're the right fit, you want to reach more people with what it is you do, the transformation you're giving to people, so that you can make a bigger difference in their individual lives. Like you're really looking to create that ripple effect. Like, you know, that if you create a transformation for one person, it ripples out and it influences and impacts other people. 

The other type also wants to shake up their industry. And maybe you want to do that too. You want to do things differently. Show people there's a different way to get results than what's in the status quo. And that's a different way to make an impact. 

And finally, there is a bigger body of work in them, that allows them to reach more people and make that impact. Most of my clients want to write a book or speak or do a TEDx talk or be invited to speak on podcasts. They want to show up in a bigger way on bigger stages to get their message out there.

And the final characteristic of my right fit client and who is great for this work, is that you spent a shit ton of money on courses, programs and building a funnel. Now a shit ton is a rough estimate, but usually by the time when people get to me, they have invested a lot. They have taken a lot of courses, a lot of programs, and had some coaches. And nothing really clicked for them, they're still struggling to get the word out, they're holding themselves back, they're doing all the things that we talked about, they're just still relying on word of mouth, despite taking a million different programs. And I used to kind of have a savior complex about these people. I just thought if I could just get to you before you invest in all this other crap that isn't going to work because your messaging isn't dialed  in yet, then I could help so many more people. What I've realized is that this is part of the process. It's part of a process of waking up and realizing: ‘’The reason my marketing doesn't work, it's not the strategy, it's not the tactic, it's not that I'm not on Tik Tok, it’s that I don't know what to say, my message isn't resonating, it sounds like everybody else's.’’ So that's an ‘’aha’’ I think people have to come on their own. 

So those are the main characteristics of my clients who are really ready for this work. And the one last aspect I want to touch on briefly is the kind of experience they're looking for. Typically my clients want something that is high touch and one-on-one, they don't want to be put in another group. They actually want to have my feedback because I don't have assistant coaches. When you work, you work with me. I do all of the analysis. It is me who is running the show. It is the person who wrote the 3 Word Rebellion book. That is who you get. So when I work with someone, there is a lot of personal attention and they're craving that because they know in order to get clear on their message, they need to have some in-depth conversations. 

And that brings me to the second thing, the experience they want their craving, is that they're not afraid to go deep, right? They're not afraid to answer the hard questions, to dig underneath why they want something or why they want a specific change. So they're ready to really go deep and figure out and unearth what their 3 Word Rebellion is, what their messaging is. And what they really like to do is they love to write, get all their ideas on paper and make it really messy, or they love to extrovert into Otter and then paste it in a Google doc. Because really that's your job when you work with me, it's to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper. And for some people that are writing for other people, it's talking about an Otter and then pasting the transcript into your Google doc, whatever works for you, but you're ready to do that kind of messy, let it all out work, because then what you're really ready for is to give it to somebody else, somebody to take your ideas, your creative mess, your message, and do the analysis, which is what I do, I use qualitative methods to figure out what your themes are to figure out your word bank, the turns of phrases, the villain that's of your, in your story. So I'm using all of that and also I'm giving your message some structure.

And finally you want an experience where you're committed to finding the message, but not only finding what your message should be, but then using it across your business because this messaging is really for your entire business from your copy to your social media, to what you say in sales conversations, your marketing, your PR, it's messaging that works as a system.

And I always tell people your message does no good if it dies in a Google doc. So this work is really for you if you know it is your time to show up in a bigger way to get your message, to reach the right people, to create more of a difference for those people. 

And if you are interested, if you've listened to this and you're like, “Yes Michelle, tell me how I can hop on a call with you and find out more?” All you have to do is go to and you will be able to fill out an intake form that tells me a little bit about your business and what you're doing for marketing and where you feel stuck with your messaging. And then we'll book a call and hop on and see how I can help you.

And if this work is a good fit, because I only want to work with people who are ready for this work and there's nothing I like more to do, than help people decide whether this work is for them or not. 

So just go to and until next time, do something for me will you. Go out there and actively sell, because you can create a lot of value even when you're talking about your work. So go out there and do it. And I hope to chat with you soon about the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive.

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