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3 Word Rebellion Book Club: Why Expert Business Owners Need to Start a Rebellion


Experts can spot BS a mile away.

And I believe that is what makes marketing so hard for them.

They see the pseudo-experts out there, marketing their businesses and all they see are the big promises, the quick fixes, the big rewards for little effort, the easy-to-follow blueprints, and think, “That’s not how any of this works.”

Experts look at those kinds of marketing messages and ask themselves if they really, actually, have to do that to get results? 

So today, let’s dig into what you can say to get your work in front of the people who need you that will communicate your real expertise, and won’t leave you feeling slimy.

For this week’s Three Word Rebellion Book Club, we’re reading chapters four and five and looking at why experts need to start rebellions, and the best advice I have for finding your Three Word Rebellion when you’re an expert.



In this episode:

  • Three reasons why you should stage a rebellion in your industry
  • A prompt for moving beyond what you want to rebel against, to imagining the change you want to create
  • Two key pieces of advice when crafting your own Three Word Rebellion


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Michelle Mazur (00:00): That's not how any of this works. Experts can spot BS a mile away, and I believe that is what makes marketing so hard for them. They see the pseudo experts out there marketing their business, and all they see are the big promises, the quick fixes, the big rewards for little effort, and the easy to follow blueprints. The expert looks at that kind of marketing and thinks, oof, that's not how that works. It's not that simple. It's more nuanced. And the internet is where nuance goes to die. Experts look at those kinds of marketing messages and think, really, do I need to say that to get results? I can't do that. It's not right.

(00:51): So on the pod today, let's figure out what you can say to get your work in front of the people who need you. We are diving into chapters four and five of the 3 Word Rebellion book in the club and looking at why experts need to start a rebellion and the best advice I have for finding your own 3 word rebellion when you're an expert. Let's do this.

(01:27): Get ready for the Rebel Uprising podcast, the only podcast dedicated to business owners who feel overlooked for their expertise, skills, and experience. Let's claim your expertise and turn your complex ideas into unmistakable messaging that grows your business. I am your host, Dr. Michelle Mazur, the author of The 3 Word Rebellion and your Rebel Truth Telling Guide to Building a Business That Gets Noticed.

(01:58): It's week three of the 3 Word Rebellion book club, and this is the week where the rubber meets the road. We've laid the groundwork, you've claimed your expertise and found your motivation to start a movement around your work that has ripple effects of change for your clients and your industry. Now we do the work of getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper, to start unearthing your 3 Word Rebellion. This week we're focusing on chapters four and five of the book, and I have a very special free writing prompt that I have never shared before publicly. And I think this prompt will help you zero in on your 3 Word Rebellion. And remember, there's still time to join us in the book club at We have our final live call coming up on September 30th, 2022, and you don't want to miss it.

(03:01): Now let's talk about why experts need to stage a rebellion, a rebellion in just three words. First, I want to be clear that rebellions look different for every business owner. Some are quiet rebellions. Other rebellions are loud. But one commonality of all rebellions, as Jyn Erso in Rogue One said, "Rebellions are built on hope." Hope that we can make a difference for our clients. Hope that we can change our industry and root out the things we don't like about it. Hope that our work leaves this world better than we founded. Rebellions are always about activism and change, and experts are in the position to see what change needs to be created.

(03:57): So there are three reasons I believe experts should stage a rebellion. The first is the industry needs your voice to rise above the BS and be the alternative to it. In almost every industry, in every field, there is a lot of feel-good advice, quick fixes, silver bullet solutions that are happening. And as an expert, you know it doesn't work. So your voice has to be the one that points out why it doesn't work. We need your voice to be the alternative, which is related to reason number two. You bring your expertise to the discourse, the conversation that is happening in the marketplace. And you're in the unique position to answer the question, what do I know that can actually make a difference here? What do I know that can really help my clients? What do I know that could change my industry? And you have that knowledge to make that different.

(05:20): And the third and final reason experts need to stage a rebellion is experts advocate for a particular point of view. And that point of view is typically based on years of education, experience, skills, chasing mastery of what it is you do. So you have a very unique perspective on the topic of your expertise that so many other people do not have. And you're the person who can actually solve the problems for your people. So it's time to draw attention to that expertise. It's time to stage a rebellion.

(06:07): So you've got something to say already. And the 3 Word Rebellion is a great way for you to package it up in a way that grabs people's attention, in a way that makes people want to know more, in a way that makes that message easier for other people to spread. And as we talked about in chapter three, that's how you start a movement. Other people have to become the messengers of your message.

(06:37): Now, after working on at least 103 word rebellions, my clients typically have zero problem talking about what they are rebelling against. Usually their response starts with, "So many things, I'm rebelling against so many things." However, the place where they struggle comes when they are describing the change they want to create for their clients, the industry and even the world. It's difficult for experts to get out of the how am I going to do that mentality and into what is possible here.

(07:19): Now, here's the prompt I promised at the beginning of the show that should help you get clear on the change you want to create. If you were the biggest name in your industry, you were the name that everyone knew, what would be different about your industry? Now let me repeat that one more time so you can write it down. If you were the biggest name in your industry, what would be different about your industry? Go ahead and free write on that one and then post your response either in our book club Facebook group or in the comment section of the show notes. Now once you've done all the free writing that the book recommends, as I say in the book, let it sit before moving on to chapter five and starting the analysis, the process of applying the creative constraints to your free writing.

(08:21): Now here are two pieces of advice for discovering, unearthing what your 3 word rebellion could be. One is from the book and one is from my observations from working with so many clients. As you start the process, remember this piece of advice from page 99 of the book. Detach from what you think your 3 word rebellion should be. Detach from what you think is popular and other people are saying. Your three word rebellion is as unique as your business. It comes from your voice, your thoughts, your beliefs, your values. So it's not going to be like anyone else in your marketplace. It's going to be different. It's going to be radically you. So that's the first piece of advice.

(09:16): And the second piece of advice is around creating your message. Now I know it can be difficult, and throughout my years of working with clients, every single one of them has said some variation of this to me. "I feel like I should be able to do this myself." I understand why they say that, but it's almost like they weaponize that thought. It feels like they flog themselves with this belief, that since they can't nail their message, it's on them. And it might mean they aren't smart enough or expert enough. It's frustrating to them because they are so good at what they do. They're excellent at it, and yet they can't talk about it. Please don't do this. Let go of the belief that I should be able to do this all by myself. It's hard to see yourself as your client sees you. You're too close to your own work to see its brilliance. It's okay if this feels frustrating to you or hard. DIY-ing your message is hard. That's why I have a business, right?

(10:34): So if the 3 word rebellion doesn't come quickly, that's okay. You have two options. Keep going. Take a few breaks and get back at it. Or you can always work with me to help you. Next week, I'll be sharing some inspiration to keep you on track to finding your 3 word rebellion. We'll be talking to other expert business owners who found their 3 word rebellion and we'll be breaking down why their 3 word rebellion works and how it's impacted their business. Until then, come over to the Facebook group or head over to the show notes and post your answer to the question. If you were the biggest name in your industry, what would be different about your industry?

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