Make Marketing Suck Less

How a 3 Word Rebellion Transformed My Marketing from Sucky to Successful


“How does having a 3 Word Rebellion make marketing suck less?”

That's a question I got from a listener and it's a super smart question.

To truly make marketing suck less:

  • you have to know that the work you put in will actually pay off
  • that it will make marketing easier and more effective to bring in your right-fit clients.

Today, I’m taking you behind the scenes of my own business and showing you how my 3 Word Rebellion makes marketing take half the time while being twice as effective for my business.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • the link, loop, land strategy for attracting clients through a 3 word rebellion
  • why I changed my own 3 Word Rebellion after 5 years
  • the major benefits of having a consistent 3 Word Rebellion for branding and trust-building.
  • the importance of defining a clear message and stance against misleading marketing tactics as a “villain” to rebel against

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Michelle Mazur [00:00:00]: How does having a 3 Word Rebellion make marketing suck less? That's a question I got from a listener and it's a super smart question. To truly make marketing suck less, you have to know that the work you put in will actually pay off, that it will make marketing easier and more effective to bring in your right-fit clients. So I thought I would take you behind the scenes of my own business and show you how my 3 Word Rebellion makes marketing take half the time while being twice as effective for my business. So let's do this.

Michelle Mazur [00:00:53]: Welcome to Make Marketing Suck Less. The podcast that knows marketing is freaking hard, especially when you're a solo business owner trying to juggle it all. I'm your host, Michelle Mazur, author of the 3 Word Rebellion and founder of the Expert Up Club. Forget the latest marketing fads and tactics promising social media stardom. I'm here with research-backed strategies to help you clarify your message and get twice as effective with your marketing. And while I can't promise you'll ever love marketing, I'm here. to make you hate it a tiny bit less.

Michelle Mazur [00:01:33]: In the last episode, we talked about the science behind the 3 Word Rebellion and how it helps you essentially to link, loop and land clients. Link is all about having a phrase associated with your business. You want your 3 Word Rebellion to be what people think of when they are talking about your business. Linking that association is how you take up space in the mind of your ideal client, how you make it easy to refer you. Loop is all about opening the intrigue loop so people want to know more. A good 3 Word Rebellion makes people inherently curious. They want to know, “Qhat does that mean and what does it mean for me?” And when they ask the question, “What does it mean for me?” That's when you have the opportunity to land clients because people need to satisfy their curiosity.

Michelle Mazur [00:02:56]: So, they will go down the rabbit hole of your content, of your podcasts and basically sell themselves on your business. So that's how the 3 Word Rebellion works behind the scenes. The link, loop, land clients, Check that episode out if you haven't. But how does any of this make marketing suck less for your business? And that's why I wanted to take you behind the scenes of how my 3 Word Rebellion make marketing suck less, makes my own marketing, well, suck less. Right? But before we dive in to the benefits, I wanted to answer another question that I've been getting is, Why did I get a new 3 Word Rebellion? For the past 5 years, my 3 Word Rebellion was 3 Word Rebellion. It was the most meta thing on the planet. This message suited me and worked for my business because the only thing I was offering was working with people 1x1, selling them the 3 Word Rebellion messaging intensive. So becoming known for this way of messaging made sense because I'm the go to.

Michelle Mazur [00:04:28]: There is nowhere else on the planet you can go to get a 3 Word Rebellion other than me. I am the only one who does this work. So for 5 years, the 3 Word Rebellion made sense as my own 3 Word Rebellion. Then in 2023, I decided to change my business model. And I decided to change my business model because as much as I love working 1x1, what I wanted more than anything was repeatable revenue coming in and having a baseline of repeatable revenue month after month. And the 3 Word Rebellion is very much project work. I work with someone for 3 months, and then I'm done. Sometimes I stay for an additional 3 months and help them implement.

Michelle Mazur [00:05:31]: But after 6 months, I'm done. And I wanted another way to have longer relationships with my clients because one of the things I know about messaging, about marketing is that it takes a while to integrate your message into your website, into your marketing, and then it takes a while to figure out what is actually working to bring the clients in. That's part of the reason why I decided to create the Expert Up Club. The why buy statement behind the Expert Up Club is to create demand for your work and expertise by doing less marketing. So the 3 Word Rebellion, although it fits inside the Expert Up Club, and I will be teaching the 3 Word Rebellion inside the Expert Up club, my mission had expanded to really wanting to get these overlooked experts known and hired for them to be the ones that people thought of first instead of the charismatic marketers who get all of the attention all the time. And the Expert Up Club wasn't just gonna be about messaging, although it's one of its core pillars. The Expert Up Club is about, yes, messaging because that is key to making marketing suck less, but it's also about figuring out how to do less marketing and do it better and having collaborations and a community of co-conspirators helping you grow your audience, grow your brand awareness, and find more of those right-fit clients. So the 3 Word Rebellion wasn't going to work for the next iteration of my business.

Michelle Mazur [00:07:30]: And the fact is marketing messaging has always been my jam because, you work with me, we'll develop your 3 Word Rebellion. But I also want you to leave with a message strategy that builds a case for your work because I fundamentally believe that every piece of marketing you put out there, the message should be leading people to your sales process. And that's always been the work that I've done, and I just really formalized it more for the Expert Up Club. So as I was thinking about this new business model and I launched for founding members last year, one of the founding members at our marketing retreat said, “After 14 years of being in business, finally, marketing sucks less.” And I thought, “Oh, she just said something really interesting.” And I did my own free writing exercises and that idea of make marketing suck less really stuck with me because it was such an interesting rebellion because marketing has always been presented positively. You know, make marketing simple. Make it easy. Marketing is something you can love. And the fact of the matter is, for the vast majority of us, marketing sucks. It is frustrating. It is uncertain. It is hard. It's a lot of work. And even when you work hard, it might not work for your business. And how maddening is all of that? And here we are in the marketplace constantly being gaslit with these messages about how easy marketing is.

Michelle Mazur [00:09:21]: So I saw white space in a very overcrowded market to be kind of a voice of reason and basically to say to people “Marketing sucks. It is hard. And if you wanna make it stuck less, the first thing you've got to do is stop doing marketing you hate.” Right? So that was really the advent of finding this hill that I wanted to die on. And let people know that if they struggle with marketing, that's the most natural thing in the world. And honestly, I don't need you to like marketing. I definitely don't need you to love it. But what I want for you is to make your work visible to the right people so they can hire you. And that does take marketing, but you can make it suck less when you do it on your own terms.

Michelle Mazur [00:10:24]: So that ended up being more of a rant than I was expecting. So how has this 3 Word Rebellion made marketing easier for me? How has it made it more effective? So the first thing is that it is a north star for when I am creating content, whether it's this podcast, whether it's the newsletter, whether it's the virtual event that I put on. Everything I do is seen through the lens of how can I make suck less for you and is this what I'm suggesting going to make marketing suck more or is there a payoff? Will it suck less? So it helps me make decisions about the content that I want to create and I want to put out in the world. It also helps me make decisions about who should be on this podcast. Like, this summer, you are going to hear from business owners just like you talking about how they made their marketing suck less.. It's gonna be a brilliant series, but since I have that north star, it really makes it easy to interview people. It makes it easier to find speakers for the virtual event, and it makes it easier for me to make decisions about where do I want to share my expertise, where can I make the biggest difference and make marketing just a tiny bit less sucky for everyone? So it's a good way for me to make decisions.

Michelle Mazur [00:12:08]: The third way this has made my marketing easier is that all my biggest marketing assets share the same name. The podcast, the newsletter, the virtual event that I do twice a year as the main way to grow my audience, they all fall under the same moniker. They all share the same mission and vision and values, but the way that we execute them are different. But one of the best things about having the Make Marketing Suck Less Virtual Event is that when the virtual event ends and I've grown my email community by 700, 800, 900 people, it's really easy to transfer them from one asset to another. So taking people from the Summit where they've heard great speakers who are helping them make decisions about the kind of marketing that they wanna do for their business. And then they know when they're getting my weekly newsletter, it's the same theme. So it creates this consistent experience for people who are new to me. The message is the same.

Michelle Mazur [00:13:35]: The result and the deliverable is the same. And overall, that's gonna build trust over time. That's the importance of having a 3 Word Rebellion is it does help you be consistently on message and build trust with your audience so they know exactly what to expect. The fourth way my 3 Word Rebellion makes marketing easier for me is calls to action are now a breeze because my 3 biggest marketing assets are all called the same thing. So if I am on a podcast, I can say, “Hey. Do you wanna make your marketing suck less? Join the newsletter and get research back tips that cut through the marketing noise and let you spend less time marketing and more time doing what you love, which is almost anything other than marketing.” And by the way, if you're listening to this podcast and you're not on my email list, you should be there because I talk about things with my email community that you're not gonna hear on this podcast. So go to and sign up.

Michelle Mazur [00:14:49]: See? See how easy it is to have a call to action in the middle of a podcast? It's a breeze. The fifth reason that my 3 Word Rebellion has made marketing easier and more effective is that I've mapped out my own messaging to build a case for how I can make marketing suck less for other people, other business owners. Everything that I talk about, whether it's in the newsletter, on the podcast, even in the Summit, leads people to the Expert Up Club. Because even though I still work 1x1, I mainly want to guide people towards the Expert Up Club because I firmly believe in being in community to do this marketing and messaging work. It makes the most sense. But no matter where people interact, eventually, they are going to hear about the Expert Up Club. So it's creating efficiency in my marketing. For me, the bottom line is the best way to make marketing suck less for you is to understand how the messages you put out there actually lead people to your sales process to take the next step with you.

Michelle Mazur [00:16:20]: And then the final reason why this makes my life easier when it comes to marketing is it's given me a clear villain to rebel against. What I realized that I am tired of is people thinking that there is one right way to market because they have been fed a steady stream of bullshit that there is a foolproof formula that catapults your business and grows your audience with ease. And it's step by step. It's cookie cutter. It works for everyone and it is complete and utter garbage. And, really, those formulas are making marketing suck more for you because they have you doing a whole bunch of shit that is not gonna move the needle for your business. And that is a perfect foil for me to go up against and have a refreshing message. Because at the end of the day, what I want for you is marketing that works, that's effective, that you kind of enjoy doing. It doesn't make you wanna walk into the sun.

Michelle Mazur [00:17:42]: So those are the six ways my 3 Word Rebellion makes my marketing easier, because it does lead people to the work that I do. Now, if you are ready to find your own 3 Word Rebellion that your business can be associated with, that opens that intrigue loop where people want to know more and they go down the rabbit is coming to the Expert Up Club this summer. I have finally figured out how to do 3 Word Rebellion work without working with me 1x1. Between the power of AI and the collective intelligence of the Expert Up Club, we're gonna be able to do some amazing 3 Word Rebellion work this summer. So if you wanna make your marketing suck less by being known for something, go to ExpertUp.Club or open your podcast app and click the link for the club and book a tour. But do it by June 25th because that is the day I am closing doors for new members until September because I wanna focus on the people who are doing the 3 Word Rebellion work and guide them through that process.

Alright, my friends. It is possible to make your marketing suck less, and your 3 Word Rebellion is a really important part of that. So I hope to see you in the club or even just on my newsletter to hang out and get more ideas for how to make your marketing suck less.

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