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What does it Take to Launch Your Message So That People Pay Attention

You've made a choice to be a rebel on the rise, to make a difference, to be a part of the next generation of thought leaders and influencers who are cropping up.

I know as part of that mission, you've been working hard on your message. You've worked hard on your 3 Word Rebellion.

What I know for sure is developing your 3 Word Rebellion is not an easy task and for those of you who have done the framework, got the support, put in the work and found yours, I salute you and I celebrate you.

If you haven't found yours yet, don't worry. Keep going because it is worth it because one, you've created it. You've created a business asset that you own that you can trademark.

You've created a message that you can share consistently. Imagine what it would be like to get up every single day knowing exactly what to say to grow your platform and build your business.

People start actually knowing what you do, how you serve and the difference that you make in the world. Having your 3 Word Rebellion is so exciting.

Now I want people to take notice of your message, to sit up and pay attention to what you have to say so that they can get the results of that work.

For that, your 3 Word Rebellion is just the beginning. It's literally that tip of the iceberg. If you are listening to this podcast the week that it came out, which is November 27th, 2018, I wanted to let you know that I'm going to give a Webinar on Wednesday, December 5th at 10:00 AM Pacific, about how to craft your 3 Word Rebellion so that your business can go from best-kept secret to impacting millions.

I'll also be previewing all of the messaging that you need in order to launch this and get it into the hands of the people who need it. Go sign up at Join me because my intention is that your 3 Word Rebellion is the message that allows you to reach millions and impact millions and make millions.

Let's make that happen. Let's make that happen right now. Once you go to the workshop and you have your 3 Word Rebellion, you need to launch it with flair.

Let's talk about how you can create an inciting incident that puts you and your work on the map. Gets people excited about what you're up to.

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Launch Your Rebellion with a Roar

The first thing I want you to know is to not launch your 3 Word Rebellion with a whisper, and I've done this so many times in my business.

I spend time and energy and money at creating something that I think is super cool. That could be a new product or service. It could be a book, it could be a speech, and then when we're ready to put it out into the world, we do it with a whisper.

We say, “Hey, hey you, I made this thing for you. It's super cool and it will help you, but I'm not going to really tell you about it. I'm not going to shout it from the rooftops.”

We expect people just to find out about it on its own and that's not how it works.

When you create something, you are the steward of it. You've worked hard. It's a big deal that you've created this 3 Word Rebellion.

So let's not launch with a whisper. Let's launch with an inciting incident.

Creating an Inciting Incident for Your 3 Word Rebellion

Now you might be wondering, “What is this inciting incident that's going to help me launch my 3 Word Rebellion into the world?”

As you know, the 3 Word Rebellion. It comes from social movement theory as a does the idea of an inciting incident.

Every social movement started from an inciting incident.

Think about Rosa Parks sitting at the back of the bus being a catalyst for the civil rights movement.

Businesses create inciting incidents all the time. Elon Musk did this with Space X. Apple does this twice a year with their developer's conference to announce their new products. They create and invent an inciting incident that gets people's attention.

You need to do this for your 3 Word Rebellion as well.

You need to come up with some type of event to celebrate it, launching it into the world.

And even better if you kind of use this inciting incident again and again in your business because then it becomes a valuable asset that you're able to use.

Different Flavors of Inciting Incidents

So what are some examples of an inciting incident?

Here's my example: a webinar like I am doing a webinar on the 3 Word Rebellion.

When I first figured out this idea and figured out my message around the 3 Word Rebellion, the first thing that I did was run a webinar around it because I knew I needed to tell people about it. The easiest way for me to do that was a schedule a webinar and let everyone know.

And like a webinar, you could do a workshop, you could launch it at a speaking event, you can write a book about it, and then launch the book into the world.

If you're an artist, an art exhibit can be the catalyst for your message. Even creating a new brand or a new website. Those can all be inciting incidents and inciting incidents that are assets for your business that you can then use these again and again.

I challenge you to choose one inciting incident. What would you like to do in order to get people's attention and get them excited?

It doesn't have to be launching a Tesla into space. It can be as simple as doing a webinar but do something special to launch this baby into the world.

Create an Action Plan for Consistently Sharing Your Message to the World

Then once you've created the inciting incident, the next step of this is creating an action plan for sharing your 3 Word Rebellion on a regular basis.

Now I've heard from some of you who've done the 3 Word Rebellion playbook that you can get here, that you were able to generate a ton of content ideas like one person told me she generated like 57 ideas and five subcategories for those ideas, which is amazing. Because of those ideas you can use again and again and test them and share them and tweak them and have messaging that actually works for your business.

You've created all of this messaging and now your challenge is to pick one or two platforms to consistently share your message on.

Do not be everywhere with your message. If your audience is corporate folks, yes, you want to be on Linkedin and maybe you really like Facebook.

I recommend picking one or two platforms loving it hard and showing up consistently.

For me right now, the platform that I love the most is Instagram and I'm doing some stuff on Facebook, but Instagram is my main place for sharing.

Next, decide how consistently you're going to share your message and use the hashtag that you created with your 3 Word Rebellion.

I post four times on Instagram a week and each of those posts are related to my message. I share them with the 3 Word Rebellion Hashtag.

And then if I post other times, well sometimes those areas are a more social post or I'm showing pictures of my cats because they're super cute and everyone should see them.

I'm really using that platform to showcase my message and showcase a bit about me and my personality.

Decide on your platform and share your message with a hashtag and then commit to sharing it.

On episode 127, we talked about the compound effect and that making the small decisions every day to share your message. It's what's going to yield the big results in your business and in your mission.

Remember, if you want people to sit up, take notice, act on your 3 Word Rebellion, talk to other people about it.

You can't launch this with a whisper.

You've got to launch your rebellion in style with an inciting incident that then becomes an asset that you can use in your business again and again, and create a plan to share it regularly.

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