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Introducing the 3 Word Rebellion BOOK!

Hey, hey rebels. It is time to pop the champagne and throw the confetti because today is one of the most exciting days ever at Communication Rebel headquarters.

Because after over a year of work, the 3 Word Rebellion book is available right now. It's available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and some of your favorite indie bookstores.

So on today's podcast, I'm going to give you a taste of the book, but I wanted to start by sharing four reasons why you should head over to Amazon or your favorite book outlet and buy it now.

And if you stick around to the end, I'll tell you about some cool bonuses you get for buying the book.

Tune into the Audio:

If you've been a podcast listener for a while, you've heard all about the 3 Word Rebellion before. So why should you grab this book?

Number one, the book is going to show you how to confidently take on the role of leader of your Business and of the movement that I want you to create with your business.

Because yes, you are a leader even if you never thought you were. If you are a business owner, a speaker, the head of a nonprofit, you are a leader.

The 3 Word Rebellion requires us to step into that role and the book preps you for that inevitability.

The second reason you should run out and buy the book is you find out why creating and sharing your 3 Word Rebellion is absolutely critical to the growth of your business.

In the last episode, we talked about how your message works for your business 24/7 and the book goes into more depth about that very fact.

Reason number three, you learn in-depth and with tons of examples how to craft your 3 Word Rebellion and all of the messages that you need to launch that rebellion into the world.

This is the exact same process I use with my one on one clients and nothing is held back in this book.

And finally, reason number four, I'll walk you through how to create an inciting incident to launch your message so that it builds your business gains momentum and makes an unforgettable impact on the world.

If those four reasons have not convinced you, then stay tuned because I want to give you a taste of this book is all about.

Here's an excerpt from the 3 Word Rebellion. Create a one of a kind message that grows your business into a movement. It is from the Introduction, Make Communication Matter Again.

An Excerpt from the New Book the 3 Word Rebellion

At age six, I jumped off the little yellow school bus and ran up to my big yellow house, so excited that I nearly peed my pants.

I figured out my life’s plan. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and exactly how I wanted to change the world. I couldn’t wait to tell the one person who mattered most to me.

“Mom, Mom, I know what I want to be when I grow up!”

She stopped what she was doing and beamed at me with delight, “Great, honey, what’s that?”

I stammered with the excitement of it all, “Mom, I want to be a…a…a…POLITICIAN.”

She looked a bit perplexed by my epiphany. “Oh, you want to be president?”

“No, Mom, not president…a politician.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because politicians help people.”

I don’t know who put that crazy idea into my head. All I know is that I was a weird kid with huge aspirations (and I would wager since you’re reading a book about creating a message that is bigger than your business that you also have a big audacious vision).

My mom raised me on the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. She told me stories about John F. Kennedy and his famous speech where he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” My mom loved Bobby Kennedy and all the work he was doing for the civil rights movement.

What I remember most was how these men made her feel. They gave her hope for the country.

I also remember her tears and anger. How she cried all night the day President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. The anger and sadness over the murder of Dr. King. The utter despair when Bobby was mortally wounded in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

She felt hope die when each of these men was murdered. Not me. In my optimistic brain, I saw these men dying for a cause. Sacrificing to help people. They died trying to make the country and even the world better.

Even as a young child, I felt called to change the world too. Their lives gave me hope.

As I grew, I was able to hear their words for myself. The speeches of these great men gave me the impression that communication changes the world.

And it does. For better or for worse, day after day.

Although my political aspirations were dashed in a crushing loss in the race for student council in the third grade, I still believe that communication changes the world.

I started Communication Rebel with that mission in mind.

I work with speakers and entrepreneurs to create that message that is bigger than them and their business.

My clients want to go from running an expert business to being a thought leader or influencer. To make that leap, they need a message that takes on a life of its own and spreads in ways the messenger could hardly imagine.

Although I love my change-making clients, what I saw in the speaking industry pissed me off.

What I saw in the online business world made me sick to my stomach. I saw communication being weaponized. I saw powerful persuasion tactics being employed not to benefit people, but to make the business owner and the speaker more money.

I witnessed people (myself included) paying $2,000 or even $3,000 for a do-it-yourself course they really didn’t need, all because of the fear of missing out. They believed this course would be a miracle cure that would solve all of their ails (it wouldn’t).

Speakers and business owners became more obsessed with scaling their business to seven or even eight figures in 30 seconds or less and getting themselves out of their business so they could make money in their sleep.

The industry lost its moral compass (if it ever had one to begin with).

Here’s the Rebel Truth: These business owners and speakers were not using communication to change the world. They were using it to line their pockets and secure bragging rights for a six-figure launch so they could then teach others how to do the same.

Not that I have anything against making money. I love money. I love it because it allows me to do good in the world, to travel, and to live a nice life with my husband and three cats. I strongly believe we need money as a resource to do our work in the world. However, the industry became about profit over impact (that’s not okay). These speakers and business owners abdicated their leadership role in their industry.

When an industry that is supposed to produce change and results for audiences, businesses, and the world focuses on money over impact, that’s when communication stops mattering. It’s when communication stops changing the world.

It’s time to make communication matter again.

It’s time to elevate speakers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to rebel leaders so that they use their power of influence for the greater good.

When you and I start communicating to change people, our industry, and even the world, we leave a lasting legacy. We profit because of our impact, not in spite of it.

I’ll be honest, I fell for all of that “six figures in six seconds” hype too. I was afraid of missing out on the magical solution that would change my business if I didn’t press the Buy Now button before the clock ran out. Deep down all of that hype felt soulless to me, but I didn’t follow my intuition. I followed what I thought would work. Until I decided to stop and make communication matter again. I’ll tell you all about that journey in Chapter One, where I explain the concept of the 3 Word Rebellion.

This book is meant to give you the tools to rise up as the rebel leader you are and communicate the change you want to see in the world. And not only communicate that change but build a movement around it.

There has never been a time when we were more in need of business owners and speakers who are focused on making a difference, who want to lead and challenge the status quo and change things for the better.

Communication needs to matter again.

If you want to change the world, you must craft a message that matters to other people. You must have a message that calls people into your movement.

You must have a message that is bigger than you and your business.

You must do more than spread ideas. Those ideas are adding to the noise. We’ve had enough ideas spreading like a virus on the Internet for years now. Those ideas are not making a lick of difference because people don’t do anything with those ideas. Your audience must act on your message for things to change.

In order to incite action, your message must resonate. Your people must grok it quickly and experience the results that it brings. This is why the 3 Word Rebellion works. It’s a short, memorable message that recruits people into your rebellion. In this book, I’ll walk you through the entire process of how to create your own 3 Word Rebellion.

And if you want to know the rest of the story, you can go to and buy the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and you can also find it at your favorite online indie bookstore.

If you're listening to this episode during the book launch period, which is from February 26, 2019, to March 5th, 2019, then I've got some special bonuses for you if you buy the book now.

Bonus number one, the book is in paperback only, but if you love your Kindle like I love my Kindle, if you buy the book now you'll get immediate access to the full PDF of the 3 Word Rebellion, which means you can start reading it right away. Ordering it during the book launch is the only way to get access to the electronic copy. I am not planning to release this on Kindle version for reasons I will probably talk about in a later episode of the podcast.

Bonus number two, I will be doing a 60-minute live AMA on all things related to crafting your 3 Word Rebellion, stepping up into leadership, marketing and launching your rebellion. And I'll even be doing some Rebel Messaging Audits live. If you want my eyes on your message, this bonus is for you. And if you can't make it live to the call, you'll be able to submit questions beforehand.

The third bonus is you will get the complete 3 Word Rebellion toolkit. It's all the resources that I mentioned in the book to help you find your 3 Word Rebellion.

And then finally, you'll have first dibs to get a free Rebel Rising mug by taking one tiny action that will make a huge difference in getting this book into more people's hands. And if you haven't seen the mugs, oh my gosh, they are beautiful. Check them out. They'll be on Instagram.

So go and buy the book at and follow the steps to get all of the book launch bonuses.

I just want to say thank you so much for supporting me for supporting this podcast, for supporting this book. This book is the best work that I have ever, ever, ever done. And I know it can be such a valuable resource to you.

Here's to you creating your 3 Word Rebellion and growing your business into a movement.

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