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3 Big Ways Your Message Makes Your Marketing Investment Pay Off

Today on the podcast we're going to continue to talk about your marketing investment and how you can get the most ROI out of each marketing dollar you can spend.

I'm sharing three stories of actual clients of mine to show you the difference that good messaging can have on your marketing success.

Why do I believe that messaging is so important when it comes to marketing?

Messaging is the engine that powers your business. It drives results, sales, and helps you serve more people in the world. And once you nail it, everything in your business gets easier.

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Hey, hey rebels, in the last episode you heard me go on and a big rant about how we business owners invest a crap ton of time, energy, and money into marketing before we are really, really ready for it.

I want you to take a moment and reflect over the past 12 months and think about all the money you have invested in marketing.

Maybe you invested in some courses, a course that taught you Instagram or Facebook ads, or maybe it was a course that taught you how to do a challenge or a webinar or funnel.

Maybe you hired a copywriter or had a video professionally produced or hired a launch strategist. Or maybe you hired an entire marketing team and a publicist so you could get more eyeballs on your stuff.

How much time, energy, and money did you invest?

Now, I want you to be really honest with me and the great thing about a podcast is that you don't actually have to tell me how was your return on investment?

I hope you're saying it was spectacular that it was better than you can ever imagine.

But if you're like most people, those courses sat on a shelf, your launch didn't go very well, the copy you got kind of sucked and now you're thinking, ah, why isn't this marketing working?

In the last episode, I talked about the two foundations you have to have in place, you have to have the offer and the message to sell that offer before we invest in marketing.

I got a lot of feedback on that episode. I heard a lot of different stories from so many people who have invested so much into their marketing, not realizing why it wasn't working.

In fact, I heard from someone who invested $100,000 over the course of five years and didn't see a return on investment in their marketing.

That sucks.

And the fact is, we've all done this in one way or another, but the question that I keep hearing over and over again is, does messaging make that big of a difference? If I get my message down, am I actually going to see any return on investment from my marketing efforts?

Now I'm biased, so I'm going to say yes, of course, it does.

And you've heard my stories on this podcast about how the 3 Word Rebellion and having this message and leading with it for the past two years has radically changed my business. I've told this story on this podcast on other people's podcasts, but today I want to highlight other people, people that I have worked with because there are three big differences that your message can make to your marketing.

I'm going to tell you three different stories that high light those differences so that you can see that your message does pay off when you invest in it.

Story 1: Changing the Focus

This story is all about taking the focus off of a boring solution that this business owner provides to the world and placing it on a revolutionary result that her clients really want.

And for me, I love this story because it's so rare that I get a clear before and after story. Most people come to me either when they're in a pivot, so they're scrapping all their messaging or they've been at it for a while and it's not working. So they're scrapping everything and they don't want me to show anything to the world.

This is why I'm so grateful for Michelle Evans who has been a guest on the Rebel Rising Podcast and she is also a marketing expert. She is all about creating a system for your business that helps you generate leads and not only that, she helps you generate leads when you're distracted by life!

marketing investment

In traditional marketing, this is called a marketing funnel. And we know how I feel about the word funnel. It is pretty much the F word and funnel has been co-opted by all the dude bro marketers because after all, you're just one funnel away from a seven-figure business. 

Michelle had a message around creating a marketing funnel. In fact, she had a podcast called the Marketing Funnel Show. The first big barrier for her was it's a boring solution, right? It's something that no one really wants. It's the F word. It sounds very bro marketing ask and her people are not into bro marketing.

But really the mission she has behind her work is so brilliant. Her message was really failing to capture that because she wants businesses to thrive no matter what's happening in a business owner's life.

So there she was with this business and she was doing fairly well helping people build out these marketing funnels, but she knew she could be reaching more people who were aligned with her and who weren't aligned with the Russell Brunson's of the world.

So as we worked together, we came up with this 3 Word Rebellion that I still cannot believe wasn't taken by someone else. But that's how you know sometimes that the 3 Word Rebellion is meant to be yours.

And her 3 Word Rebellion ended up being Profit Without Worry.

When we initially came up with that, we tested it on some of her potential clients and people responded to it right away during sales conversations, they're said, yes, I want to profit without worry. That sounds so great. How do I make it happen?

It also showed her people who weren't a good fit for her work. If they did not believe that they could profit without worry, because they thought that business had to be hard. It had to all be about the hustle and the grind. She knew those people weren't for her. So if they said, “no, I don't believe it.” She was said, “thank you and goodbye.

Her right people resonated with it right away. They saw the value and they wanted that results. But the most remarkable thing happened when she renamed her podcast. I am still blown away by this because between you and I, would you really want to listen to a podcast called the Marketing Funnel Show? Nope. Right. Neither would I. And I love Michelle. She's a dear friend of mine.

When she changed the title of her podcast to Profit Without Worry, guess what? She quadrupled her podcast downloads because of course, she did with a title like Profit Without Worry. People wanted to listen.

What that meant was all of a sudden, four times more people were listening to her message, wanted to hear more about her work than ever before.

Now she's launching a group program that is 100% aligned with this message. I am so excited for her to step up and serve more people because there are so many people out there, good business owners who do want a profit without worry that she needs to be reaching. And this is the message that will help her get there.

That is difference number one, it takes a boring solution-based message and turns it into a revolutionary result that your people really want.

And that pays dividends at the end of the day.

Story 2: Being One of a Kind

The second big difference I noticed, and this is a little bit related to what Michelle was going through, but this story is all about going from a commodity to being a one of a kind in your industry.

So listen up, if you are a coach of any kind, if you are a copywriter, a Facebook ad strategist, if there are more than one of you in your industry, more than one of you who does what you do, you are a commodity.

When I met Mona Moore, she is an OBM, my first question to her was, what the heck is an OBM? Because I really didn't know. It's one of those words that's tossed around a lot in the online business world, but I had no idea what it investment

And she said, oh well I'm an online business manager and I thought, awesome, what the heck is that?

Pretty much what an online business manager does is they run the logistics of your business. If you have a launch going, they manage all of the moving pieces. They manage your people, they make sure things get done so that you don't have to do that so that you can focus on, you know, delivering the content for your launch instead of making sure that the emails are going out. So Mona takes care of that.

But what stood out for me right away with Mona is that she had the loveliest personality. Like Mona just made me feel instantly at home and relaxed in her presence. When we were talking, she was telling me that she does have a different take on how to run an online business.

She wanted a bigger message, a message that would make her stand out for, from all the other OBMs. And secretly she wanted a message that she could also expand into other industries in case she wanted to move into, you know, personal development or teaching someday.

So after one session, we developed a 3 Word Rebellion that fit her personality, fit her business, and fit the result that she wanted to deliver to her people.

Her 3 Word Rebellion is Calm by Choice. And this is so absolutely perfect for her. I loved it right away. It was one of those 3 Word Rebellion moments where it felt like a blinking neon sign.

In between sessions, I told Mona, okay, go out and test this. See how it works. Are people responding to it?

During our time apart, Mona had two client discovery calls and these two potential clients interviewed a total of nine other OBMs!

They were doing their due diligence because guess what? It's a commodity market. There are a ton of people who do what Mona does.

Both of those clients chose to hire Mona. The reason why, and they told her this is because they wanted calm by choice. She articulated what she did in a way that none of those other OBMs could.

Both of those business owners wanted that result, and that result was something only Mona could deliver.

So that was an amazing win after one session, and this was about $36,000 of revenue over the course of a year. So it should change to a great return on investment from having a message that separated her from the competition because she was no longer a commodity. She's one of a kind.

Story 3: The Audience Journey

The third and final difference I want to talk about is marketing with intention and a plan.

In the last two case studies we really focused on the 3 Word Rebellion.

For this last case study, I want to talk about something that I'm passionate about and this is your brand messaging platform, which includes the audience journey, which is that systematic way we move people from being strangers into being clients.

marketing investmentIt also includes storytelling and how you want your message into the world. And I love creating these for clients because it allows you to market your business with intention.

And one of my favorite stories about creating this plan is for my friend and dear client Katya Varbanova,

Katya is a bit of a squirrel. She's super creative. She is super innovative and because her mind moves at about a million miles a second, she's always all over the place.

She gets an idea and she puts it out into the world. As an audience that can be really confusing because we don't know exactly what she stands for. Like who is she, what does she stand for, what is it that she exactly does?

She was already doing something pretty innovative in the internet marketing space with viral videos and personality typing. Like what she does is super cool. But her just putting out content randomly was just confusing everyone.

When we worked together, we created this whole custom brand messaging platform, which were the five storylines for her business so that when she was in a launch, she could create content yes on the fly, but then see where it actually fit in with the overall plan.

And for her, this was helping her create a plan to build her influence over the longterm because she was always trying to do a hundred different things at a time. She told me that this was costing her like hundreds of thousands of dollars over the year because she would start new projects and new initiatives and they wouldn't, you know, they wouldn't pan out.

Now that she knows the kinds of conversations she has, she can still be innovative and yet be strategic because she has an intentional messaging plan so she knows where that content fits. And so she can launch with intention while still creating on the fly.

So those are the three big differences that your message can make to your marketing and your bottom line.

And if you want to see what that custom brand messaging platform that has all of your business needs, you can watch that here.

Yes, your message, your 3 Word Rebellion, your brand message platform makes a huge difference in your marketing. If you have an amazing offer that sells, you've got happy clients who are getting great transformative results.

But if your marketing efforts have been a bit blah, then now is the time to book a call with me to talk about the 3 Word Rebellion messaging intensive so that I can look at the current state of your marketing and see if working with me to make your marketing work with a message that will resonate with your audience is the right next step for your business.

This is a great time of the year to do it because if you book a call with me before December 31st you can lock in the 2019 rates with a small deposit and then start any time in the first quarter of 2020 so what do you say? Let's make those marketing efforts pay off. Let's get you a return on investment because once you know your message, you can make that marketing work. So go now and book your discovery session.

And remember that messaging is the engine that powers your business at drives, results sales, and helps you serve more people in the world. And once you nail it, everything in your business gets easier.

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