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3 Questions to Ask To Grow Your Business Into a Movement

Today on the Rebel Rising Podcast I’m going to be asking you three key questions that will help grow your business into a movement: Who do you want in your movement? How big do you want your movement to be? What is the change you want to create in the world? The answers to these […]

Celebrating 8 Rebellious Years with 8 Business Lessons

Communication Rebel is 8 years old this month! So here are 8 business lessons I’ve learned these past eight years: Business is the biggest personal development exercise ever. Become an S Corp. sooner rather than later. You need to be selling all the time. In time, you will know all you need to know (so […]

3 Big Ways Your Message Makes Your Marketing Investment Pay Off

Today on the podcast we’re going to continue to talk about your marketing investment and how you can get the most ROI out of each marketing dollar you can spend. I’m sharing three stories of actual clients of mine to show you the difference that good messaging can have on your marketing success. Why do […]

The Pursuit of Evolution with Casey Jourdan

Hey, hey rebels. If you’re feeling stuck in your business at all, then today’s episode of the podcast is just for you. Casey Jourdan is joining me today and we’re talking all about the pursuit of evolution and what this means for your business. Here’s a big hint, you don’t have to create a course, […]

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