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How Do We Earn Trust in Online Business with Maggie Patterson

  How do you decide who to trust in your business? When you’re thinking about joining a program or hiring a service provider, do you make those people earn your trust, or do you just default to trusting them? When we first meet someone new, we want to believe the best in people. We want […]

How To Build Trust Using Your Brand Message

  The online business industry is in the middle of a trust crisis. People have been duped. Your potential clients are skeptical. Heck, you are skeptical. And that makes people reluctant to trust again, which impacts your business because you are kick ass at what you do. You consistently deliver great results. You show up […]

How Do You Know Who To Trust

  There’s a game Maggie Patterson, my co-host of Duped, plays with me all the time. It’s called “Can I Tell What Makes You an Expert?” We go to an about page of someone who’s doling out advice like candy on Instagram and see if we can tell why they’re credible to speak on this […]

A Crisis of Trust: Why You Are Skeptical of Online Businesses

  “I’ve been burned before.” I’ve heard those four words more this year than in any other year I’ve been in business. Potential clients who fill out my intake form tell me about another “messaging coach” who didn’t deliver on their promises, or the person who they hired created messaging that was unusable in the […]

How to Steer Your Business During Uncertain Economic Times

You’re just one course away from recession proofing your business! Or are you? The message around recession proofing is everywhere these days, but what do you really need to know about surviving, and even thriving, in this economy? Will the course or the membership site be the ticket, or are there other skills you want […]

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