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Has anybody ever told you that you’re “Too Much”?

Has anyone ever told you that you’re too much? Too bossy, too opinionated, too aggressive, too loud, too direct, too bitchy, and my personal favorite, too intimidating? Whenever someone tells you that you’re too much of anything, what that person or really is saying is that you need to tone it down, dim your shine. […]

How Bro Marketing Triggers Fraudy Feelings

Hey, hey rebels. Today on the show we’re talking about yet another negative outcome of Dude Bro Marketing– that we are led to believe small results don’t matter. Not only is this not good for our mental health, but it also is not good for our business. It’s time to reframe this thinking because small […]

Profit Without Worry with Michelle Evans

Hey hey rebels, welcome to this week’s Rebel Rising Podcast episode. This week, Michelle Evans is on the show. She’s giving us the back story on her very own 3 Word Rebellion, Profit without Worry. We’ll also be covering how you can implement her strategy into your business so that you don’t have to worry […]

The Alternative to Bro Marketing

My most commented on and widely shared episodes are always about Bro Marketing. Whenever I post about Bros on Instagram, I get so much engagement and I believe that there is a reason for that. People are genuinely over the Bro Marketing tactics and not only that, most people have been duped by tactics such […]

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