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Afraid of Public Speaking? 2 Questions That Transform Fear

So you think you’re freaked about public speaking? The thought of standing up at a networking event, saying “hell yes” to that speaking opportunity, or even making yourself GO to that networking event, makes your heart pound like a timpani drum and your mind race with “I’m not going to remember what to say.” You’re […]

Dealing with Fear: Public Speaking is Good For You

Today’s guest post comes from Karen Sanchez who stays busy running the HR department for a 103-person manufacturing business. Some people say they’d rather die than give a speech — and they’re not kidding around. A survey by U.K.’s Daily Mail Online asked 2,000 women to share their top fears. Up at the top of the […]

Don’t Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

There is a metric ton of speech coaches, acting coaches, therapists, energy healers that all promise one thing when it comes to public speaking: Overcome your fear of public speaking In fact, they practically guarantee to get you over your fear. The problem: your fear of public speaking is biological. It’s suppose to happen. In fact, […]

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