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How We Can Support Your Business’s Messaging & Marketing

The job of messaging is to communicate the value your business creates and sell your services!

Let me ask you…

  • When was the last time you told the world how they could work with you?
  • How you could uniquely help them in their business or their life?
  • When was the last time you actually promoted your offer?

If it's been a while, it's time to change that!

One of the things I'm always pushing my clients to do is tell the world how they work with people on a consistent basis! 

The purpose of your market message and all your messaging is to lead people to your offer.

Too often, I see people spreading “value” in their emails, on social and their blog, but not saying to their community, “Hey, I have a process and it can help you get a result.

If you've been listening to this podcast for a while, you hear me talking a lot about messaging, marketing, thought leadership, and growing your business and your audience, but we've never dived into how specifically Communication Rebel and I can support your business when it comes to messaging and marketing.

So it is high time I take my own damn advice and tell you exactly who we serve, how we can help, and why the heck I'm qualified to do this work.

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When was the last time you told the world how they could work with you? How you could uniquely help them in their business or their life? When was the last time you actually promoted your offer?

One of the things I'm always pushing my clients to do is tell the world how they work with people on a consistent basis, because I see them marketing themselves, whether it's on social or their email list, but not telling people, their community that, “Hey, I have a process and it can help you get a result.”

If you've been listening to this podcast for a while, you hear me talking a lot about messaging, marketing, thought leadership and growing your business and your audience, but we've never dived into how specifically Communication Rebel and I can support your business when it comes to messaging and marketing.

So it is high time I take my own damn advice and tell you exactly who we serve, how we can help and why the heck I'm qualified to do this work.

Before you think about hiring anyone to help you in your business, I think in order to be savvy consumers and savvy investors in our business, we should always be asking the question, what makes this person qualified? What makes this person qualify to help you? So 

I wanted to address it right upfront, what makes me qualified to help you with your message and your marketing?

I know the online space is full of so-called experts who did it once for themselves and for no one else. And I know that my best clients want to know what makes me legit and what are the strengths I bring to this work.

So a little bit about what makes me qualified first, I have a PhD and a master's and a bachelor's in communication. So this means, I understand the research in how other human beings process your message. I understand what pulls them in, what pushes them away and the communication and psychological theories that underpin those decisions that your consumers are making.

I also have 25 years of experience in the field of communication and I have worked with hundreds of clients from all sizes of business. I worked with solo businesses. I work with small teams and I've worked with fortune 500 companies. 

I even ran the message testing for a product your kiddo has asked you for on many a Christmas. Trust me on this. I've written three books and have recorded nearly 250 episodes of this, a very pod. And one of the books, The 3 Word Rebellion, is the framework that I use to work with clients. So people who read the book and realize, “Hey, I can't do this myself, I need some extra help.” 

And I worked in a shit ton of different industries using the 3 Word Rebellion. I have worked with veterinarians. I've worked with brick and mortar, like spas and fitness studios. I've worked with lawyers and astrologers and coaches and consultants and nearly everything in between. It is amazing how well the 3 Word Rebellion framework works in a variety of industries as long as you're doing something a little bit different.

Finally, my strengths are perfectly aligned with this work. So I'm a big fan of Strengths Finder. My top five strengths are strategic, which means I can see the big picture plan and how to make that happen and the strategy behind your marketing input, which means I can see patterns. I can take in a lot of information communication because that's what I do right. Individuation, which is seeing what makes you unique, which is so important when we're doing somebody's messaging, and achiever, I want the best for you and myself.

So here's the deal. I am not a coach. I am very much a consultant. So I'm here to help and guide you and tell you what to do. And right now, there are two different ways I can support you with your messaging and your marketing.

The first way is my signature program, The 3 Word Rebellion Messaging and Marketing Intensive. 

And this program promises that you'll powerfully communicate the value your business creates, whether you're marketing to one person or to a million people. Like when you leave this program, you'll have a whole new way to talk about what you do in your marketing and sales and messaging is that foundational piece that lets your marketing be efficient.

So who is this program for? Well, it's for established business owners with a proven offer. And if you listened to the how do you know if your business is ready for messaging episode, you heard me talk a lot about what a proven offer is-- it means something like that gets results for your clients. And it doesn't necessarily mean that you've sold a metric ton of them, but you believe in your work and you've seen the results it produces for people. 

Businesses who are in a pivot, that's a great time to do your messaging. So if you're pivoting audiences, you're pivoting what your offer is, or you're starting a completely new business. And you're going from something that is established to something that is new. It's a great time to work on your messaging. 

Lastly, newer businesses who are doing something innovative, because if you are ready and you have that proven offer and you are doing something different in your industry that nobody else is doing, it's hard to talk about it. So the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive is perfect for that.

So now that you know who it's for, what does the process look like when you work with me? 

All right. So when you and I work together, it is a 90 day container. It is high touch. It is one-on-one you get tons of access to me and we move through four phases during that time. 

So where we start is phase one, and that is the audience deep dive and the 3 Word Rebellion and creating that 3 Word Rebellion. The audience, deep dive is an essential piece of work because it gets us clear on who your right people are, why they are ready to work with you. What are they saying, doing, feeling, hearing about your work?

And for me, it really lets me get into the heads of your audience and think about your message the way they would think about your message so that I can better, you know, ascertain whether or not they're going to be pulled in or pushed away. 

This audience deep dive work leads to the 3 Word Rebellion. And if you've read the 3 Word Rebellion book, you might have done all of the prompts. And then you got to the chapter, that's all about analysis, right? How to find your 3 Word Rebellion. Well, I will take over that analysis for you. Like I create your word bank. I create your rebellion themes, your creation themes. We define who your villain is. We come up with a word bank that is essentially your 3 Word Rebellion brand voice. 

Then, we start playing to find playing and finding your 3 Word Rebellion. Once we get your 3 Word Rebellion, which we might nail on our very first call winch captains in about 10 to 15% of the cases. Or it might take us a session or two to finally arrive.

Then we move on to what I'm now calling the decision journey, and this is, I used to call this the client journey, but really what's happening during this journey is your potential client is making decisions.

So what conversations do you need to be creating in order for them to decide whether or not to follow you? Whether or not to opt in to your email community, whether or not to book a call with you or to click your sales page, what are those decisions along the way and what do they need to know?

We create a ton of content ideas during this that you can use in your marketing and in your copy. But also we think about things like what are the attitude shifts? What are the belief shifts? What's a possible lead magnet for you? What are your calls to action at each of the phases of this decision's store journey? So this is your decision journey for your clients, this is like the logical part of your messaging that really informs that copy of that marketing and of your sales conversations.

Then we go into the third phase, which is the signature story, because story is how we make emotional connections. So you get to do some brainstorming on what different stories you can tell and together we figure out at least three, three. Wow. 

We figure out at least three signature stories that you can layer on top of your decision journey that your clients go on. And these stories will help your clients see themselves in your work and be able to make an emotional connection with you and provide proof that their situation isn't unique. There are more people who are experiencing this and that it shows that you have great empathy for them. 

Then the final stage of this, because now after we've gone through these three stages, you have all of your ingredients for your messaging. So this is when we spend some time doing your marketing strategy. So what are the activities that you are doing in order to grow your audience and find new people who are interested in what you do? How do you get them to engage with you? Like what are the activities for engagement and getting them to raise their hand, to say yes to the work you do, and how do you make your offers?

So we do that marketing strategy, and then we finish with what I call an implementation sprint. Or we decide one marketing asset you need to create, maybe it's a welcome sequence for your email. Maybe it's a new homepage copy or it's a new lead magnet, or it's the outline for a video or blog posts that you really want to launch this messaging with. So we think about one thing that we can do together in two weeks, you implement that. You get my feedback. 

So that is the process, and at the end of the process, yes, you are going to walk away feeling radically clear about your message about the value your business creates, and you are going to have a whole new way of talking about your business in your copy, in your marketing, in your messaging. 

The deliverable for this is the brand message guide. It's a three-minute video. It is a go to document that has all of your messaging, your 3 Word Rebellion, your decision journey, all of that in one place. Then anytime you need to create social media posts or figure out what your launch should be and come up with pre content for your launch. You can go into this document and it is your guide for what to say, it's your guide for what to say every time your business speaks. And as your business grows, you can share it with your team. You can give it to a copywriter, or you can just keep track of this yourself, but this is the way, you know, you're always on message and showing up consistently with that message

Here's the thing, when you are that clear, you are going to be so much more confident about showing up to market and to sell and when we are confident, amazing things happen.

So for instance, past guest of Rebel Uprising podcast, Carrie schwhere, um, starting that line over. 

For instance, a past guest of the Rebel Uprising podcast, Kari Schwear, her 3 Word Rebellion is “Question the drink,” and she's gotten lots of podcasts and media opportunities because of that message.

Also Caroline Mays, who was just a guest on the show. She has an easier time marketing and selling her services because of her 3 Word Rebellion, “Uncage your epic credential”.

Then one of my favorite stories that I've told many times, Michelle Evans, she quadrupled her podcast downloads by using her 3 Word Rebellion, which means she was reaching new people who had never heard of her before. And she could nurture those people. So that's amazing.

So you're going to start showing up in a new way.

Just a little bit about the energetic container around this program. Like I mentioned, it's three months, 90 days, it's high touch and we're going to deep dive into your messaging. And before every session, you're going to have a playbook to fill out, which is usually free writing or brainstorming or answering a series of questions that I can review and do my analysis before we meet so that we can have really meaningful calls. 

And speaking of calls, there are five of them. They're 60 minutes each and all calls are recorded. And in between sessions, you have access to me via Voxer, via email. I'm also happy to do reviews of copy as we work together. Before we start, I always love to review your website and review up to three pieces of pillar content for you so I can really get to know you and maybe find your 3 Word Rebellion lurking in there somewhere. 

So, if you are interested in this, go to to get all the details and request a consult. There’s a couple reasons why I want you to do a consult.

Number one, I want to make sure you are ready for this work, your businesses in the right space for it.

Number two, you and I need to connect to make sure that we are a fit, that we have chemistry, that we jive together because it's really important to have that solid relationship when you're embarking on messaging work. 

Finally it's an investment in time, money and energy and it is so important for me to help you decide that this is, or is not the right investment for you.

So, if you're thinking about this work and you're not sure if you're ready or you have questions, are you worried that you'll be my first client who doesn't find their 3 Word Rebellion, what you can do is request a consult. I want to make sure that this is a good experience for both of us. 

So that is option one for working with me. Option number two is a BOLD Messaging Session.

Let's say you don't need a completely new message. Let's say you just want me to look at what you've already have and make it better. You really want me for just a one-off consulting gig. Well, then a bold messaging session is a great choice for you because what we do in a bold messaging session, as we can transform your message from, “Does this even make sense to anyone other than me,” to “Wow. I get why people want to hire me,” in 90 minutes, 

This is perfect for you if you have a message already, you have some great copy on your website, things are somewhat working, but you know that they could work better. You have a proven offer or your business is evolving and you need to update and tweak the messaging to reflect your evolution.

So the process of a BOLD Messaging Session -- before we start, you'll book your session via Acuity and then give me all of the details about your clients and your business in an easy to fill in the blank form that I will send to you. And you'll share with me your website and your social media profiles. And if there's something else you want me to look out before our session, you send that over to me as well. So what happens on my end is that I'll review your intake form so I can get into the hearts and minds of your client. And then I also conduct a bold messaging assessment of your current message. And if you miss the four-part series on what that is, uh, let me summarize what a bold assessment is.

So the B in bold stands for being the only option. How well does your business stand out from the competition? How well are you positioned in the marketplace? 

O is other focused. How well does your marketing and copy, connect and speak to your clients? This is one that we spend a lot of time on bold messaging sessions, because there's always so much we can do to make a better connection with our clients. Does your language make them want to hire you? Make them see the value of your work. 

L stands for leadership. How is your business leading your industry and your clients through its viewpoints and frameworks? So this is looking at your thought leadership, how you work with people and how you're communicating about that.

And D stands for direction. Are you directing and giving clear calls to action about what to do and how to work with you? Or are you giving too many calls to action? That's the thing too. 

So what ends up happening after I do this assessment is we meet on zoom and we'll spend the first 15 or 20 minutes just reviewing the results of your BOLD assessment. And it's always amazing to me because I do these. And what happens is like what the client wants to work on is the exact thing that I saw in their poll messaging assessment. 

And the remainder of our time will be workshopping your message, creating an ethical marketing plan, developing the next steps on what to do next to make your message clearer. So then after our session, we have these great 90 minutes together, but the fun doesn't stop. What you, what you can expect is that I will send you your assessment and like a writeup of your assessment and your action plan for what you need to do to implement this. You'll also receive the recording to review your call. 

And as a bonus, you receive seven days of email support. So as you start implementing the changes, if you want me to review the copy or you have a question for me, you can just email me and I will get back to you. And my clients have used these sessions in an amazing amount of ways. We have done copy reviews and sales page reviews. We've tightened up how they're, you're speaking to their clients and who they're speaking to because sometimes their client is missing from their copy. We've positioned a new offer and figured out how it's different from other things in the marketplace. We've looked at social media strategy and reviewed posts to make them more engaging. We've done market strategies for launches, defining speaking topics and framework development for how people can work with you. 

So you can bring almost anything to the sessions and if you're not sure if the topic is right for you, just send me an email at and asks, just say, Hey Michelle, is this something we can work on during a bold messaging session? The only thing we can't work on in a bold session is your 3 Word Rebellion, because that can take up to a month to define and there's so much work that goes into it on my end that I just can't do 3 Word Rebellions during a bold session.

These sessions are $750 and you can get all the details and book a session at drmichelle So there is more information about both of these options at my website, And once you're there, just go to the work with me tab it's highlighted in red. 

Even if you're not sure that you're ready to work with me, I encourage you to have a conversation with me. Go to my website, book a consult. This is an opportunity to get expert advice on your readiness to do this work and to see if we're a good fit to work together now, or sometime in the near future that way you can make a decision, which is what I want people to do. I don't want people languishing in indecision, whether or not this work is for you and whether or not I'm for you.

Remember deciding is power and I would love to help you make a decision thank you so much for listening and i appreciate you being here and discovering how I can support your business

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